Friday, May 31, 2019

Day 2989 - Battle for Azeroth Day 287

The emissary is good on both Horde and Alliance side.  Horde's Honorbound faction rewards 2000 gold while the Alliance's 7th Legion rewards a 395 gear.  Fortunately for me, there's also a horde invasion on the Tirisgarde Sound, which makes things easier.  No real upgrade, but a couple of characters managed to got reputation reward chest, which adds to the coffer.

122/93/77 93 mg/DL 244.2lb

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Day 2988 - Battle for Azeroth Day 286

For a change, the emissary quests isn't one I can ignore: 2k gold on Horde side, and 395 gears on Alliance.  Unfortunately for me, doing 13 emissary quests took up most of the night and I didn't get much useful gears out of them.  I did complete 1/4 of my weekly farming run of Nighthold and finish attune all but Shadow Priest in Normal difficulty.  Now I just have another 18 run, which I don't need to form self made group to run.

121/90/84 91 mg/DL 245lb

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Day 2987 - Battle for Azeroth Day 285

I had to work late again, so didn't have time for Warcraft.  With that in mind, all I had time to do is Horde alt and her emissary, which rewards 2k gold.

107/81/69 96 mg/DL 244.6lb

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Day 2986 - Battle for Azeroth Day 284

I got the final bonus loot from Tortollan Seekers Supplies, Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish.  It does have some interesting property, when you're in a dark room.  I also went on and finish the Mag'har Allied Race quests.  In all, a rather productive day of Warcraft.

124/91/71 103 mg/DL 244.2lb

Monday, May 27, 2019

Day 2985 - Battle for Azeroth Day 283

Alliance took over control of Dark Shore, thus opened up the World Boss Ivus the Corrupted.  Just for the sake of getting trinkets, I ran all 12 of my Alliance characters.  I did get some of the trinket.

On the Horde side, I'm working towards getting to Exalted with the Zandalarian Empire to get the Ally Race.

143/87/64 95 mg/LD 246.8LB

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Day 2984 - End of Week 306

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-26-2019 Front
05-26-2019 Side

With the exception of the Priest (normal) and Druid (heroic), I finished attuned all of the alts to the bypass for The Nighthold.  I also ran all of them through the heroic version of the instance.  Over 100 attempts, still no mount.  After the attunement is completed, I won't have to do the self made group trick again and the run should go at a decent pace.

125/95/73 95 mg/DL 246.2lb
Week to Week 1.0lb

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Day 2983 - Battle for Azeroth Day 281

I spend a bit of time just catching up on the emissary quests.  Surprisingly enough, some of the characters actually got upgrade gears.

146/85/69 98 mg/DL 248.8lb

Friday, May 24, 2019

Day 2982 - Battle for Azeroth Day 280

I ran a couple of more characters through Dark Shore Warfront.  And for a change, two of the characters got upgrade.  The Hunter got a upgraded range weapon going from iLevel 380 to 400.  The Warlock got a partial upgrade with an iLevel 400 spell caster sword, replacing a iLevel 385 staff.  I have to pair the sword with iLevel 380 offhand.  It's still an upgrade.

122/95/68 96 mg/DL 248.8lb

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day 2981 - Battle for Azeroth Day 279

Once again, no time for gaming.  Quite busy with work.

145/97/85 98 mg/DL 245.2lb

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 2980 - Battle for Azeroth Day 278

I had 7 hours of unschedule work, which means almost no gaming.  I still managed to get Horde character through her daily emissary done, towards exalted with Zandalar Empire faction.

129/92/73 99 mg/DL 245.8lb

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Day 2979 - Battle for Azeroth Day 277

Last day of the raid week.  Other than doing the daily emissary on the Horde Death Knight to advance her reputations (to get more mounts) and doing world quest to get upgrade gears, I had just the goal of advancing the Nighthold heroic attunements for the Alliance side.  I do run into the hourly limit, but for that, I just went on the Horde side to do her daily quests.  I also forgot to do the mission to advance Baine questline.  Oh well, it'll get done when it gets done.

134/89/65 85 mg/DL 246.2lb

Monday, May 20, 2019

Day 2978 - Battle for Azeroth Day 276

After snagging a couple of more quest hub quests, I was able to push the Blood Elf Death Knight's reputation pass 14000/21000 and finish the Horde War Campaigns.  And with that out of the way, I got Both Sides to Every Tale achievement and the faction specific mount that comes with it.  Doing all of the war campaign up to the current 1 day mission also makes the character exalted with Honorbound faction, which opens up the quest for Mag'har allied race quest.

143/100/72 90 mg/DL 247.2lb

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Day 2977 - End of Week 305

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-19-2019 Front
05-19-2019 Side

I finished all of the Honorbound world quests on Kul'Tiras as I can as well as the quests on Dark Shore.  Still a couple of thousand reputation points away from 14000/21000.

137/102/69 94 mg/DL 247.2lb
Week to Week 0lb

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Day 2976 - Battle for Azeroth Day 274

And the Horde Death Knight finished the main story quest achievement, leaving only the campaign to get the both side achievement.  Unfortunately for me, the war campaign is reputation gated and I've already grind up to revered with that faction.

For some reason, I go the reputation requirement for Blood Elf heritage armor set done, but not the actual quest to gain the armor.  I spend about 30 minutes to finish it up.

150/105/71 95 mg/DL 248.2lb

Friday, May 17, 2019

Day 2975 - Battle for Azeroth Day 273

Horde Death Knight have now finish the main story quest line in Zuldazar.  Now onto Vul'dun and the fox people and Akuna.

140/101/63 86 mg/DL 247.6lb

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Day 2974 - Battle for Azeroth Day 272

We got enough people to try the Crucible of Storms raid and spend most of the night wiping to the first boss.  No gear for me.

I'm still working through the storyline quests for the Horde character in between picking up gears from world quest.  Slow but steady.

127/95/6795 mg/DL 248lb

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Day 2973 - Battle for Azeroth Day 271

The Paladin got an upgraded bracer from the weekly chest.  Same iLevel, better stats for Paladin.  The guild did an Dazalar raid and I brought the Death Knight over.  I got an upgrade two hander and a very good Titanforged ring out of the run.

134/95/63 88 mg/DL 248.8lb

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Day 2972 - Battle for Azeroth Day 270

I spend the night just leveling the gears on the Horde Death Knight.  At the end of the night, her Unholy spec gears are now to iLevel 344.31.  Not bad for a character that has 8 hours on level 120.

129/81/71 93 mg/DL 248.2lb

Monday, May 13, 2019

Day 2971 - Battle for Azeroth Day 269

The daily emissary is for Azerite power, which I'm not exactly interested in.  I ran a couple of Island Expedition to farm the currency for the mount.  100 this week, but still 400 away.

In the afternoon, I decided to do the Horde side leveling earnestly.  Using heirloom gears that greatly enhanced the leveling speed, I managed to go from 114 to 120 in about 6 hours.  Afterward, I finished up the emissary quests available and I still have 1/2 of Zuldazar and all of Vuldun left to do for the story quest.  I haven't even start doing the War Campaign yet, and that's another round of fun just to get 2 more mounts.

130/96/66 92 mg/DL 250lb

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Day 2970 - End of Week 304

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-12-2019 Front
05-12-2019 Side

I did a Mythic+10 with a Pickup Group.  The hunter disconnected going into the 2nd boss.  We limped along until we finished the instance.  Of course we didn't finish it on time, 26 minutes over.  Consider we're carrying a newly geared character and missing the second highest dps, I considered it a win.

124/95/63 92 mg/DL 247.2lb
Week to Week -0.8lb

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Day 2969 - Battle for Azeroth Day 267

The daily emissary is for rings and trinket from the turtles, and I still have characters using pretty bad ones.  I finished up the rest of the characters' previous emissary and finished up the new one as well.  Thankfully the quest overlaps and I didn't have to go out two zones.

I went and got 5 characters through Nighthold.

133/100/64 87 mg/DL 247.8lb

Friday, May 10, 2019

Day 2968 - Battle for Azeroth Day 266

Trying to do 2 emissary on all of the characters at the same time actually took a lot out of me.  I managed to do 7 characters and call it a night.

132/95/63 90 mg/DL 246lb

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day 2967 - Battle for Azeroth Day 265

Once again, I have to work again, which reduced my raiding time.  We did the heroic Dazar'alor and I didn't get any new gears on my Death Knight.

I didn't do any of the emissary quest, focus instead on getting the Heroic Nighthold attunement done.  With that out of the way, I can now run it 24 times this week to the last boss.

133/94/89 93 mg/DL 246lb

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Day 2966 - Battle for Azeroth Day 264

While waiting for the raid to start, I got 3 more character through their normal Nighthold attunement done (Hunter, Rogue and Demon Hunter).  I also advance the attunements of the casters as well.

We actually finished the raid ahead of schedule (there are only two bosses) and I managed to get both the legplate and a trident via bonus roll.  I was hoping for the trinket, but the trident is good enough for transmog purpose.

130/99/63 93 mg/DL 245lb

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Day 2965 - Battle for Azeroth Day 263

I managed to get two of the M+10 done for the week.  I also verify that all of the different runs of heroic Nighthold are considered separate instances.  I ran out of time to do all of them, but I did get 3 completed.  I should have more time on the next reset as I'm not doing any profession leveling.

133/91/66 95 mg/DL 246.6lb

Monday, May 6, 2019

Day 2964 - Battle for Azeroth Day 262

As it turns out, I was able to get the rest of my characters towards the Heroic Nighthold skipping quest as well.  More characters to do the farming is always a good thing.

Darkmoon Faire came back in town.  To take advantage of this free professions leveling, I went ahead and leveled 3 enchanter, 1 alchemist.  Total price tag is about 600k gold.  Well worth the trouble.

102/75/69 103 mg/DL 248lb

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day 2963 - End of Week 303

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-05-2019 Front
05-05-2019 Side

I was able to advance not only on normal mode of the Nighthold skipping quest, but I managed to get more characters on that ride.  Oh well, might as well get that going as well.

129/90/64 90 mg/DL 246.4lb
Week to Week 1.2lb

Friday, May 3, 2019

Day 2962 - Battle for Azeroth Day 260

The Children's Week event came back and this year, 4 new pets.  Thankfully the new quests are all in one continent.

120/81/68 85 mg/DL 248.8lb

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Day 2961 - Battle for Azeroth Day 259

We got the second boss in The Crucible of Storms done, which ends the raid instance.  Now I just need to get the rest of week's tasks done.

140/103/66 98 mg/DL 248.2lb

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Day 2960 - Battle for Azeroth Day 258

We got the first heroic boss of the Crucible of Storms done and did about 8 pull on the last boss.  No loot.

132/92/66 88 mg/DL 247.4lb