Saturday, August 31, 2019

Day 3080 - Battle for Azeroth Day 378

I managed to knock out the weekly M+10 (albeit it took 2 tries) and the Mechagon in one night.  I did get an iLevel 430 leggins which goes towards my Holy spec.

128/93/59 94 mg/DL 251.8lb

Friday, August 30, 2019

Day 3079 - Battle for Azeroth Day 377

I'm in day 3 of my reduced caffeine intake regiment.  I had to take tylenol in the early part of the money to stave off the headaches.  After the intake of Coke Zero after lunch, it was gone.  Lets see what happen in the future.

I got 2 of the characters plus the paladin through Nazjatar.  The paladin still needs to level her followers to level 30 for the modified look of the essences.

124/97/61 97 251lb

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Day 3078 - Battle for Azeroth Day 376

The Classic queue finally died down a bit that I can login at normal playing time.  However, I'm still struggling with the mods and the utter lack of quest objective hints that I've gotten used to means that any attempt at leveling will be long and hard.  Perhaps I should get some Classic specific mods to help with that.

I continue to push through characters that still need to get to revered with Nazjatar faction.  My shaman got hers done and 2 essences to go with that.

143/98/61 90 mg/Dl 249.2lb

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Day 3077 - Battle for Azeroth Day 375

I didn't even try to get on Classic.  Instead, I spend the night going through the War Efforts and getting some gears for the rest of my characters.

144/102/62 88 mg/Dl 249.2lb

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Day 3076 - Battle for Azeroth Day 374

Warcraft Class went online at 3PM PDT.  I tried to get onto it and looked at the queue line and wait time and went right back to doing emissary on all characters on BFA.  At least I got some gears out of it.

126/87/68 96 mg/DL 248.8lb

Monday, August 26, 2019

Day 3075 - Battle for Azeroth Day 373

I noticed the HandyNote addon for Nazjatar actually listed all of the arcane chests, which Rarity is keep track of number of attempts at getting Ocean Simulator toy.  On the last characters I take through Nazatar, the Paladin actually got the toy.  It is somewhat underwhelming though.

138/92/55 85 mg/DL 250.6lb

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Day 3074 - End of Week 319

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-25-2019 Front
08-25-2019 Side

Did 2 more weekly Mythic event on Rogue and Hunter.  Rogue was a big help on Freehold as she can complete one of the mandatory event all by herself and was able to guide the group through 2 of the chokehold point via stealth.  The hunter did a tour of Mythic instances on Kul Tiras instead of just Freehold.

The emissary for Nazjatar is also up and I decided it's high time to actually advance this on all of the characters. As much as I tried, I was only able to do 1/2 of the characters.  All of them managed to advance their reputation to Revered, which got them new essences.

140/95/61 91 mg/Dl 251.4lb
Week to Week -0.8lb

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Day 3073 - Battle for Azeroth Day 371

I went ahead and did the weekly event on 3 of my characters, those with ability to either tank or heal.  Heal on my monk and shaman.  Tanked on warrior and demon hunter, all through the quickest instance, Freehold.  

143/96/61 91 mg/Dl 251.8lb

Friday, August 23, 2019

Day 3072 - Battle for Azeroth Day 370

I got the rest of the characters through Nazjatar, and the Demon Hunter got another weapon.

128/96/63 101 mg/DL 250.8lb

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Day 3071 - Battle for Azeroth Day 369

I finished up this week's Island Expedition and didn't get much unique item out of it.  I also start doing the world boss in Nazjatar on the alts.

128/88/63 87 mg/DL 251.2lb

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Day 3070 - Battle for Azeroth Day 368

We didn't have raid, so I spend the night just doing stuff that usually gets relegated to later on in the week.  I managed to get M+10 and Mechagon done.  With that, I got rank 3 of  Visions of Perfection.  The gears I got from M+ chest this week is good for Protection.  I also got the weekly Mythic run done, which granted me a healing mace.

118/88/65 85 mg/DL 251lb

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Day 3069 - Battle for Azeroth Day 367

For the first time since 8.2 dropped, I literally ran out of time to do Nazjatar on the Paladin, thus can't really advance the follower's experience there.  I did managed to get all of the characters that needs to reach honored with Rustbolt Resistance, thus the new essences.

131/88/66 86 mg/DL 249lb

Monday, August 19, 2019

Day 3068 - Battle for Azeroth Day 366

I did another rounds of catch up on Mechagon.  Only my casters still needs catching up, which should be done by tomorrow.

138/97/65 98 mg/DL 250.6lb

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Day 3067 - End of Week 318

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-18-2019 Front
08-18-2019 Side

I decided to catched up all of my toons on Mechagon.  I noticed that at honor reputation level, all of the characters can purchase a rather nice essence on all of their specs.   This is actually taking quite a bit of time as some of the Mechagon dailies are rather time consuming.

114/90/61 105 mg/Dl 250.6lb
Week to Week -0.8lb

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Day 3066 - Battle for Azeroth Day 364

I started to do the profession quests again, trying to knock out the useful ones (the jewelcrafting is especially enticing).  Unfortunately the last one requires me to go and run Tol Dagor repeatedly on the warrior.  As I've already run it once, it wasn't available.

144/92/59 105 mg/DL 250.2lb

Friday, August 16, 2019

Day 3065 - Battle for Azeroth Day 363

I spend the night doing Mechagon dungeon.  I tanked it and 2 of the dps in it got replace multiple times.  One more run and I finish upgrading the essence.

129/102/59 93 mg/DL 248.8lb

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day 3064 - Battle for Azeroth Day 362

With no raiding to do, I went and help out a guild run Heroic Warfront.  Went more smoothly than the usual PUG.  I also have to run the emissary that also coincide with the Horde Invasion of Tirisgarde Sound.

144/99/65 92 mg/DL 251.4lb

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Day 3063 - Battle for Azeroth Day 361

We actually finished the whole raid in probably our last raid of this patch as most of the guild seem to be going to Classic when it drops next week.  Surprisingly enough most of the gears I got are better for the tanking set rather than the normal set, even the weekly chest loot (a 440 trinket) is better suited for that role.  Oh well.  Now I'll have the rest of the week working on the rest of my toons.

129/97/65 94 mg/DL 250.2lb

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Day 3062 - Battle for Azeroth Day 360

The emissary is for iLevel 415 gears on Alliance side.  I dutifully ran all of the alts through in hope of getting weapons.  No luck.

126/89/69 95 mg/Dl 250lb

Monday, August 12, 2019

Day 3061 - Battle for Azeroth Day 359

Stromgarde Warfront is back, which means iLevel 430 gears.  I have to take all of my characters through this exercise and the druid actually managed to get the weapon for her main spec.  1/11 is good enough.  I only have the Demon Hunter left to do this event.

140/100/68 104 mg/DL 250.2lb

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Day 3060 - End of Week 317

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-11-2019 Front
08-11-2019 Side

As usual, I spend the day just catching up on emissary.  I also managed to finish leveling up patch 8.2 jewelcrafting on the warrior.  It's a good thing that all of the gem cutted I can personally use.

142/96/63 93 mg/DL 249.8lb
Week to Week -0.6lb

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Day 3059 - Battle for Azeroth Day 357

The Nazjatar Boss is the hard one that could drop weapon for various characters.  No too many dropped.

138/96/71 88 mg/DL 249lb

Friday, August 9, 2019

Day 3058 - Battle for Azeroth Day 356

I went through my usual Mechagon/Nazjatar run as well as the daily emissary.  I did pick up a new island expedition pet through auction house.  It was much more expensive on my Horde alt's server than my main.  Oh well.

124/87/68 100 mg/DL 248.8lb

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day 3057 - Battle for Azeroth Day 355

After spending the whole night working on Queen Azshara, we got her down.  I didn't get any loot, but at least we finished the content for this patch.

134/97/65 94 mg/DL 248.8lb

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Day 3056 - Battle for Azeroth Day 354

I had a good night in loot, as the weekly Mythic chest gave me a 440 two hander sword, healing trinket from the raid, bonus roll a dps trinket, iLevel 440 cloak and another dps trinket from the final boss we finish tonight.  I was also able to upgrade the forge in Nazjatar town, which allows me to build the iLevel 445 goggle.  Like I said, good night of loot.

127/90/61 96 mg/DL 248.2lb

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Day 3055 - Battle for Azeroth Day 353

I managed to get onto a group that's trying to gear up their guildmate on Demon Hunter.  Good thing I was looking to do the same thing.  I did Waycrest Manor on Mythic+ 4 and 7, which gave me 2 rank of the essence that I was hoping for. 

135/90/62 103 mg/DL 247.2lb

Monday, August 5, 2019

Day 3054 - Battle for Azeroth Day 352

I tried to get as many of my characters through both the Nazjatar emissary quest (as well as just finishing up the initial zone quests) and the weekly world boss in that zone.

135/91/65 93 mg/DL 249.6lb

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Day 3053 - End of Week 316

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-03-2019 Front
08-03-2019 Side

I finish up all of he outstanding emissary quests that I can do.  Clear quite a few 10k reputation bags out of it.

131/101/65 84 mg/DL 249.2lb
Week to Week 0.4lb

Friday, August 2, 2019

Day 3052 - Battle for Azeroth Day 350

I got a Mythic +11 done barely missing the timer.  After that, I decided to try catching up on sleep.

133/95/64 91 mg/DL 249.8lb

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Day 3051 - Battle for Azeroth Day 349

We got a full night working on Azshara, best attempt is 32%.  Afterward, I went ahead and finished up the the emissary quests over in Drustvar that rewards gears.  I also went over to Twilight Highland to tame the new 8.2 wild battle pet Twilight Whelpling.

138/100/63 109 mg/DL 248.8lb