Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 103 - Death of Pre-Catalysm Guild Raid

A month ago, I wrote that with the advent of patch 4.0.1, Pick up Group raid is all but dead.  Well, with the advent of patch 4.0.3 this week, and the expansion 2 weeks away, it would seem that even the guild raid is going the way of the pug raid.  Which is a shame since we have one more person that's just waiting for his post Shadowmourne Lich King kill to distribute his loots.  We may have to ditch hard mode just to give him his just reward.

Went to the barber to get my hair cut.  While she confirm that I'm not loosing any hair (as far as she can tell), she did told me that my head is a lot smaller.  Didn't know I can store so much fat under my scalp.

Oh, today I cross the 70lb line.  All the while I ramp up my walking routine to 3.3 mph while doing it for 30 minutes.

117/84/80 257.6lb 99 mg/DL
Milestone 70lb

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