Thursday, February 28, 2019

Day 2897 - Battle for Azeroth Day 195

It took us one hour to do Mekkatorque, no loot.  We then spend a bit of time on Stormwall Blockade.  We never got to the 2nd phase, but good learning experience.

131/88/67 94 mg/DL 246lb

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Day 2896 - Battle for Azeroth Day 194

We finished off the first 2/3 of the raid content.  I got a 415 trinket that works well with the AoE spec.  I also got an second piece of the chest piece that'll go towards the Holy spec.  Meanwhile, I finally replace the 370 tanking weapon with an 400 one.

126/98/77 95 mg/DL 245.2lb

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Day 2895 - Battle for Azeroth Day 193

The emissary quest is for a 385 gears, so I have to sort every level 120 characters through, and since the holiday event ends, I also have to do that as well.  I got one piece upgrade on the Paladin (boot) and couple of others.  And by the end of the night, I also tanked an M+10 Motherload for the weekly cache.

119/86/69 92 mg/DL 247.2lb

Monday, February 25, 2019

Day 2894 - Battle for Azeroth Day 192

I finished up the rest of the characters doing the Timewalk dungeons.  I tanked once on the Demon Hunter, and she was in Shattered Halls, one of the toughest instance in that expansion.  I later decided to just queue up as dps and do the dailies as well as farming Mythic Blackrock Foundry to fill in the times.  Monk got an iLevel 395 leg.  Both Hunter and Demon Hunter got an upgraded trinket.  Still not too bad in terms of loot.

130/96/62 93 mg/DL 247.2lb

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Day 2893 - End of Week 293

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-24-2019 Front
02-24-2019 Side

I decided to run the Timewalk dungeon events for the characters that's the least geared.  I choose Priest, Monk, Hunter, and Demon Hunter.  I managed to finished Priest done, scoring an iLevel 390 cloak.  I'm mostly done with the Monk, but need to sleep.  Hunter and Demon Hunter later.

129/92/68 92 mg/Dl 247.2lb
Week to Week -2lb

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Day 2892 - Battle for Azeroth Day 190

I did run another Motherload to get the final part for the engineering mount of this expansion.  I have enough parts except one to make another one.  The rare part just took forever to get.

126/87/67 95 mg/DL 246.2

Day 2892 - Battle for Azeroth Day 190

Just spend another fruitless night of farming for the holiday mount. 

101/67/62 87 mg/DL 245.2

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Day 2891 - Battle for Azeroth Day 189

We made quite a bit of progress on Megatorque this week, down to about 20%.  Still no new loot.

130/87/61 96 mg/DL 245.8lb

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Day 2890 - Battle for Azeroth Day 188

We have some of the guild member out of town.  Still we got the first 5 boss down for the day.

133/96/66 92 mg/DL 246lb

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day 2889 - Battle for Azeroth Day 187

I spend the night leveling the professions of many of my characters (blacksmith, enchanting, tailoring, inscription, alchemy).  It's quite expensive when you have a quick access to both the auction house (I have the auction house mount) and the trainer.  By the end of the night, I figure I spend about 200k gold to get most of the characters up to par.  Now I have to be on the lookout for world quest to get the 3rd rank of most of those recipe.

136/96/70 87 mg/DL 245.8lb

Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 2888 - Battle for Azeroth Day 186

Arathi highland is now in Alliance control, so I now have additional daily quests to run on the Paladin in her quest to get 750 service medals.  That's 5 more dailies plus whenever the faction incursion.  At this rate, I might get to the count by next week.

I'm also farming as many of my 110+ characters through the holiday event to get the rocket mount.  Seeing that it's one of the lowest drop rate mount in the game, I don't have high hope.

I actually got the horde Demon Hunter above 110 via pet battles, so now her holiday dungeon run can potentially drop the rocket mount.

Finally before I call it a night, I decided to run the weekly run of Karazhan.  And the Monk came through again with Midnight.  Only took 160 attempts by rarity.  Here's what she looks like in Borus harbor district.

Now I have almost no reason to go back there.

128/86/68 96 mg/DL 247.6lb

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Day 2887 - End of Week 292

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-17-2019 Front
02-17-2019 Side

Ran through the rest of my characters through Darkshore Warfront.  I did get some gears, though no weapons.

120/84/60 90 mg/DL 245.2lb
Week to Week 2.8lb

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Day 2886 - Battle for Azeroth Day 184

After doing the Eye of Azshara 4 more times, I got enough tokens to buy the new hearthstone toy.

Darkshore warfront opened up for Alliance, so I went and cycled 4 characters through for the iLevel 400 gears.  8 more to go.

135/107/64 81 mg/DL 245.2lb

Friday, February 15, 2019

Day 2885 - Battle for Azeroth Day 183

Still plugging away at getting enough of the holiday event token to get the new hearthstone.  I should just continuously do Eye of Azshara and be done with it.  What's taking up more time is the holiday dungeon farming.  As usual, the warlock didn't get to participate when her queue stretched from 3 minutes to 27 minutes before I gave up.

125/99/71 92 mg/DL 246.8lb 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Day 2884 - Battle for Azeroth Day 182

We're now 6/9 heroic.  We spend the first half of the raid working on King Rastakhan and finally got it done.  Megatorque is a whole different matter.  We have the same problem as in normal, people getting bombed not getting out of the way.  Next week, we'll be missing some raiders due to holiday, so probably no progression.

 126/85/66 104 mg/DL 244.2lb

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Day 2883 - Battle for Azeroth Day 181

On our first week at Heroic, we managed to get one new boss down, Conclave of the Chosen.  I got a 410 leg off from the weekly M+10 box and got the iLevel 400 chest off the first boss.  Later on in the raid, I got a wrist off from a bonus roll as well as a new cloak.  In all a good night of loot.

129/81/76 99 mg/DL 244.4lb

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Day 2882 - Battle for Azeroth Day 180

Finished up the last 4 characters that still need to fully unlock Waycrest Manor quest hub and finished up the Drustvar emissary from the previous day.  After that was done, I went ahead and finished up the weekly quest for the iLevel 400 gears for the Death Knight by tanking Freehold 3 times.  I got a iLevel 400 chest out of it.

131/86/57 94 mg/DL 244.6lb

Monday, February 11, 2019

Day 2881 - Battle for Azeroth Day 179

The emissary quest is Drustvar.  Unfortunately for me, the most convenient world quests are located within Waycrest Manor, which is locked behind a quest chain.  After going through about 3 of the characters, I opted to just complete all of the quests to unlock that area.  I got 8 out of 11 alts through all of that efforts.  Still need to complete the quest chains and the emissary on the last 3 alts.

129/94/63 86 mg/DL 246.2lb

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Day 2880 - End of Week 291

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-10-2019 Front
02-10-2019 Side

Just running more quests to get my lower geared characters.  I also ran the weekly dungeon event on the Demon Hunter and got her another 400 ilevel gear.

139/96/67 90 mg/DL 248lb
Week to Week 0lb

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Day 2879 - Battle for Azeroth Day 177

I managed to do a M+10 Motherload with the guild.  They can't find another tank, so I did the tanking.  This is also the first time I saw the Reaping affix for higher level Mythic+.   We died many times, but we did finish the M+10 for the week, and that's what matters.

Later, I got the weekly 4 Mythic dungeons done on the Demon Hunter done.  Got an iLevel 400 that replaces the original ones.

196/96/67 91 mg/DL 246.2lb

Friday, February 8, 2019

Day 2878 - Battle for Azeroth Day 176

The emissary rewards Azerite gear that scaled up to the average item level, so I have to run every characters through.  The incursion is in Vol'dun.  Unfortunately, the robot battle is part of the incursion, which means that Horde was able to win most of the battle.  I only done the ones for the main character and two lesser geared one.

109/69/73 89 mg/DL 244.8lb

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Day 2877 - Battle for Azeroth Day 175

On the second night of the raid week, we got 2 more Heroic boss done.  We're now 4/9 Heroic.

135/90/65 90 mg/DL 246lb

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Day 2876 - Battle for Azeroth Day 174

On our last full week of clearing Normal we managed to do all of and have enough time to clear the first 2 boss of heroic.  We basically adapts the zerging method on the first two boss to skip some of the problematic mechanics.  Tomorrow we'll continued onto the rest of the heroic.

138/81/71 91 mg/DL 246.2lb

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Day 2875 - Battle for Azeroth Day 173

Arathi Highland portal went away so the Horde now has it.  However, I've already gotten past the gears that could come from there.  The incursion actually happened at a convenient time, and I got a good weapon for two spec for the Shaman.  However, I was feeling sick and didn't bother with the rest of the characters except for Demon Hunter and Paladin.

125/89/66 90 mg/DL 245lb

Monday, February 4, 2019

Day 2874 - Battle for Azeroth Day 172

I finished up the Lunar Festival toy drive for this year.  It took 2.5 characters.  2 characters going to three continents and the last character getting 1 toy.

136/97/71 97 mg/DL 246.6lb

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Day 2873 - End of Week 290

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-03-2019 Front
02-03-2019 Side

Two seperate sets of quest that I have to run with all of the characters.  Some of the characters even gets iLevel 380 gears.

135/98/65 100 mg/DL 248lb
Week to Week -3.0lb

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Day 2872 - Battle for Azeroth Day 170

The incursion once again occurred at a good time for me and I got all 12 characters through it. No useable gears, but still good reputation gain. The latest emissary rewards ring/trinket up to the maximum amount so I have 3 days to complete all of them. However, before I call it a night, I have to finish the Drustvar emissary as it rewards 2000 gold per character. 127/88/67 94 mg/DL 246lb

Friday, February 1, 2019

Day 2871 - Battle for Azeroth Day 169

I ran all of the characters through Darkshore world boss, some of them got some good gears out of it. 125/80/65 99 mg/DL 245.6lb