Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 2378 - Legion Day 178

Flying day to Taiwan.  The hotel wifi is really slow, so I'm not going to subject anyone to my really slow and laggy connection.  Good thing this week's event is world quest event, so i should be able to knock out a bunch of these.  Just ran 8 world quest and clear 3 emissary quest.

128/92/63 96 mg/DL 220lb

Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 2377 - Legion Day 177

Finished up warlock's weekly quest token in LFR and end up getting an identical artifact relic that she's already using.  The priest also finished up her LFR run and got a ring that I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble.

The mage went through her sets of LFR and got 2 good artifact upgrade as well as a non-tier head piece.

And I got the shaman through enough Suramar quests to get to the 2 Suramar mythic dungeons.

133/87/76 87 mg/DL 224.2lb

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 2376 - End of Week 246

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-26-2017 Front
02-26-2017 Side

Since our raid cannot get to the High Botanist, so I have to go to LFR and tank the second wing.  Didn't have too much trouble.  I got an identical belt out of that effort, albeit, a heroic version versus what I was wearing before.

Demon Hunter went through all 3 LFR and got her two piece tier bonus as well as new ring.  Warrior got a new trinket from the third LFR.  Both hunter and rogue got a much needed trinket from the Grand Magistrix and the rogue got a tier cloak.  Surprisingly enough, hunter finally replaces her 835 bracer with a 860 ones.

The priest went through her share of LFR and actually cane back with both head and back tier pieces.  Warlock got her tier cloak, but really cannot use it until a second tier piece.

123/77/76 92 mg/DL 225.4lb
Week to Week -2.2lb

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 2375 - Legion Day 175

The Druid go through all 3 available LFR instances and actually came out with lots of gears.  Right off the first boss, she got a feral legendary boots.  Too bad, I'm 2 Order Hall upgrade away from being able to use both.  She also got both the tier cloak and dps trinket off from the first wing's end boss.  I got nothing from the second LFR, but I did get a neck from the bridge boss and a helm from the last boss.  In all, my item level almost raised by 10 points.

The hunter did go through all 3 LFR, and managed to get a bracer upgrade (from iLevel 835) and 2 trinket.  I end up only using one.

The warlock got the tier cloak from the first LFR run, and got another legendary item.  Too bad the character's order hall is 2 upgrade away from being able to use 2 legendary item.  And I don't have another bracer to try out that helm.

116/85/74 83 mg/DL 224lb

Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 2374 - Legion Day 174

We now have the third wing of Nighthold open.  All 3 bosses drops tier tokens, and the first character I choose to go through this is the one with the weekly Nighthold raid token, the Death Knight.  It was a good night for loot.  I managed to convince 2 other players to trade me the trinket that they have no use for: upgraded version of Entwined Elemental Foci and Convergence of Fate.  I also got a Tintanforged baracer as well as the tier cloak, giving the character a 2 piece tier bonus.  And finally for completing the Nighthold weekly raid quest, I got a chest piece that drops off the final boss of the raid.

The warrior's luck with the weekly Nighthold cache is far worse.  She got the exact same trinket she's already wearing.  She did bonus rolled the tier glove, getting the 2 piece bonus.  I still have the third wing to go with the warrior, but that'll be later.

113/79/53 82 mg/DL 222.4lb

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 2373 - Legion Day 173

3 hours of futility.  That's how the night's raid goes.  We have some key member missing on the raid night, and we spend 3 solid hours wiping repeatily to Tichondrius.  After that, I took the death knight who have the bi-weekly Nighthold token to get a guarantee loot.  The loot isn't anything I can use, and I didn't get anything out of the 2 wings of Nighthold itself.  I still haven't done the third wing that just open.  Consider the nightmare that all of my characters go through with Star Augur, I'm not looking forward to that.

124/80/64 81 mg/DL 222.8lb

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 2372 - Legion Day 172

I didn't get home until 5 minutes before the raid.  We went with our usual scheduled event of last 2 boss of Nighthold in normal and then Heroic content.  Of all of the tier bosses we have on farmed content, I didn't roll anything on the cloak, the chest piece I not only win the roll for the token but I bonus roll it as well.  I gave the chest token to the guild healing priest.  After that I have to duck out of the raid for about 40 minutes for some late night work before going back.  We didn't clear everything we've done, and I missed 2 bosses, whose loot I more or less already have.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

To close out the night, I opted to do the world boss on all 12 of my characters.  Even though it's one of the easiest boss to get to and being on day one of the raid week means that there's a lot of people to group with, it still take over 90 minutes to cycle through.

125/79/67 86 mg/DL 223.2lb

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 2371 - Legion Day 171

I managed to put 3 characters through LFR as well as 2 of them through Timewalk.  The monk got a very good trinket off the Timewalk bonus event as well as a monk Legendary ring.  The monk order hall is 2 upgrade away from being able to use two legendary item.  The death knight got the same dps trinket as everyone else and the warlock got an interesting trinket and upgraded ring.  Finally the mage got a upgraded necklace off the Timewalk.

113/72/60 91 mg/DL 223.2lb

Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 2370 - Legion Day 170

It's time I actually spend a bit of time learning how to tank on Demon Hunter and Druid.  I'm still not going to subject the LFR folks with my tanking, but it's perfectly fine going through Timewalk dungeons.  The demon hunter got a 875 level pants out of the bonus event, and a legendary Demon Hunter head piece off from the Spellblade in LFR.  I didn't get the tier glove I was rolling for, but the head piece will do nicely.

The druid also got the trinket that most of my melee characters seem to be getting off Spellblade boss, and it's actually a pretty good piece.

114/82/66 91 mg/DL 224.4lb

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 2369 - End of Week 245

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-19-2017 Front
02-19-2017 Side

There's a bonus World Boss this week in Suramar.  Something I simply cannot passed up.  My mage got a 860 cloak, but have better tier cloak with actual tier bonus.  The priest got a chest piece that she cannot use.  Hunter got a ring that's not better than the currently equipped ones.  So other than some Order Hall resource, a bust.

The day are spend on getting both the Timewalk bonus loot and going through the Nighthold LFR.  The priest really made out with getting two trinket from the raid, and now she's rather formidable in her ability.  The shaman got 3 pieces of loot, but one of them is an upgrade of the previous gear.

This year's daily disappointment with Crown Chemical results in no rocket mount.  Oh well, next year.

115/73/62 84 mg/DL 223.2lb
Week to Week 0.2lb

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 2368 - Legion Day 168

I try to give each one of my character as much of the time as I can spare on them.  But it's getting hard when the weekly event yields normal Nighthold loot and really cannot be skipped.  This time I got the rogue and warrior through both Timewalk events as well as both Nighthold LFR and doing 2 of the Emissary chests.  Both of them got the same dps trinket off Spellblade boss.  The rogue got a bracer from the Timwalk chest and Warrior got a new necklace.  Both of them are now using trinket from Nighthold.

124/73/70 84 mg/DL 223.2lb

Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 2367 - Legion Day 167

I have late night work related material to go through, so I didn't have nearly as much time to play Warcraft.  I did finish getting the 270 love tokens to get the new toy.  With that out of the way, the only thing left is the daily farm of the Crown Chemical.  Still no mount.

I did run the mage through both available Nighthold LFR and got new trinket and shoes.  A new ring was also obtained, but not optimized for the spec.  The hunter not only got the LFR done, but also the weekly Timewalk done, which results in a relic upgrade for the weapon.  She also got a dps trinket from the first boss in the second LFR.  In all, a good night of work.

119/73/59 96 mg/DL 222.1lb

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 2366 - Legion Day 166

I have a bit of time before the raid, which I use to get all of my chacter through the world boss.  Of all of my toons, the one that really came out ahead this week is the monk.  She managed to get my 6th Legendary shield necklace, a nice stack stick of a trinket and bonus roll a cloak.  The monk is wearing the tier cloak already, so that's not going to get use, but the other two loot is nice to have.

As for our progression, we managed to go through all of them with two or 3 wipes, and I managed to get another heroic trinket and ring.  Not sure if I'm going to use them or not.  We managed to down Heroic version of Tichondrius.  Didn't win the roll for the shoulder.

The weekend bonus event is Timewalk, and the first toon to go through that is the Shaman.  I went in as a healer and managed to go through all of it rather quickly.  Since Monday is a holiday, I should have time to get all of my toons through.  She got one extra bonus roll and a relic for the weapon.

131/78/67 86 mg/DL 224.4lb

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 2365 - Legion Day 165

We cut down the normal dungeon instances to just the final 2 bosses and spend the rest of the night on the heroic farming content.  I got the tier helm from Grand Magistrix Elisande (someone else wins the roll, but they bonus roll the same helm again, I was the runner up).  I tried my hand a a bonus roll on Gul'dan, and didn't get anything.

We then moved on the heroic farmed content.  And I failed to get anything.  We stopped after doing 4 bosses in heroic.  We'll be back tomorrow to do progression.

After the raid, I spend some time doing the weekly event, Cataclysm Timewalk event.  And the trinket I tried to bonus roll at Gul'dan is what came out of the reward cache.  The daily disappointment with Crown Chemical Co continues.

123/76/64 91 mg/DL 223.2lb

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 2364 - Legion Day 164

After my daily disappointment with Crown Chemical Company dungeon runs, my remaining character to do the Nighthold LFR is my warlock.  I have more luck convincing other people to give me their unwanted loot than actually getting them myself.  I did get the second legendary piece on this character, a shared loot between priest mage and warlock.  Too bad I don't have the Order Hall upgrade to use it yet.

I then looked more closely at the holiday event token and decided to spend an hour in normal Everbloom dungeon.  I can farm the charms which can be turn into tokens in that dungeon in my DPS gear and do it rather quickly.  After farming it, I now have 350 charms which equals to about 35 bracers or if I just parse it out for the daily quest, 3 of them can be turn into 15 love token.

117/83/58 84 mg/DL 225.4lb

Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 2363 - Legion Day 163

I have to go back to the spreadsheet to prioritize which character gets to play.  And I managed to get 4 characters through.  Albeit, 2 of them already have done half of the available Nighthold LFR already, and the ones that really needs to get their turn are Druid and Warrior.

The druid got 5 pieces of loot including tier glove that I cannot use until I get the second piece.  The warrior got 6 pieces of gear.  Didn't get the tier glove.  Still good amount of gear upgrade.

The next two toons were waiting for their weekly quest token to get completed before going into the instance.  Rogue got 3 pieces of loot plus an Artifact relic.  The shadow priest got 2 pieces of loot.

In all of these, I tried to do as much of the emissary quest as I can, as all of these characters needs Order Hall Resources to get the next upgrade.  Some of the characters are further behind than the others.

120/78/59 96 mg/DL 225.6lb

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 2362 - End of Week 244

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-12-2017 Front
02-12-2017 Side

The weekly even is pet battle, so I have more time doing something else.

I send Demon Hunter through both of the Nighthold raid, and didn't get the tier pieces.  I did come out with plenty of gears.  With Monk being able to heal, the LFR queue for her isn't that bad.  I got 3 pieces of gear out of it.

I also decided to try farm for the Shadow Priest's hidden appearance.  It's hard doing it in LFR with so many people unclear on the concept of the raid.  She's still waiting for the weekly Nighthold quest token follower quest to finish so she can go to the correct LFR instance.  Didn't get the tier glove, but did get an upgraded pants.

Hunter got the tier glove, but didn't get the cloak.   She did get 4 other pieces of gear, making the trip worthwhile.  Now she just need to wait for the Order Hall upgrade to equip both pieces of Legendary gears.

Finally, I decided to finished up the Death Knight's Suramar questlines.  Unfortunately, I now need to farm a bunch of ancient mana, a process that's going to take time.

119/79/78 83 mg/DL 223.4lb
Week to Week 0.2lb

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 2361 - Legion Day 161

After that profitable night with the shaman, I realize that I need to dramatically change the talent and rotation of the shaman.  Too bad there are lots of other characters that need their turn.  I also realized that there are 2 new toys in this year's holiday event.  So it's time to split up and run some characters through the daily quests to get the necessary tokens to buy the new targeting dummy and the love boat.

Ran Rogue through part 2 of Nighthold, and got 1 ring upgrade.  Still waiting for the weekly quest token for that character.  Send the mage through both of the available parts and got 2 of the tier pieces.  In all, pretty good day of raiding.

117/67/77 85 mg/DL 224lb

Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 2360 - Legion Day 160

I went out of my way to get all of my characters to fight the world boss Levantus.  The last character I send up is Sayla, the guild bank alt shaman.  The world boss drops the hidden appearance item The Warmace of Shirvallah.  And the boss also dropped the shaman DPS ring Eye of the Twisting Nether.  After I got that, I immediately want to test things out.  I had to queue Nighthold twice since the second boss is such a difficult boss for LFR, but I was quite satisfied with the end result.

Of the other characters, shadow priest got a nice iLevel 870 glove and the druid got a 860 glove.

I also went through the futile holiday dungeon to get the pink rocket.  Still nothing.

117/64/58 84 mg/DL 222lb

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day 2359 - Legion Day 159

We pushed through 4 more heroic bosses.  I missed out on the boss that drops the chest tier piece due to a conference call, but I did came back and finished the Star Augur, and got the heroic warforged version of tier glove.  I would run more test on how the 4 piece tier bonus works out, but the Valentine holiday event is with us again and I'm trying to run all of the characters that I have that can quickly queue.  Thus far, still no pink rocket yet.

134/77/64 93 mg/DL 222.4lb

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 2358 - Legion Day 158

We have a very productive day at Nighthold raid.  Not only did we finish the normal mode, but we also took out the first 2 bosses in heroic.  I got a good dps trinket along with 2 pieces of gear that I really cannot use.

121/83/72 94 mg/DL 223.2lb

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 2357 - Legion Day 157

The lone character who haven't had her run at Nighthold LFR is the demon hunter and she did get some nice upgrade pieces that boosted her iLevel up to 860.  Perhaps I need to utilize her more.

107/63/64 85 mg/DL 222.4lb

Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 2356 - Legion Day 156

Spend the day working most of the characters through emissary quests as well as getting them to a common place in Nightfallen quest chain.  That took all day.  At the end of the day on the last emissary cache, the warlock got a really nice nice bracer.   Now only my shaman and monk is without Legendary gears.

I also leveled my paladin's engineering to level 800.  Took a lot of gold, but the main goal is to get my own Blingtron 6000.  Hope it's worth the trouble.

123/80/67 93 mg/DL 224lb

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 2355 - End of Week 243

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

02-05-2017 Front
02-05-2017 Side

I actually went and did the Weekly mythic event on the paladin.  Didn't get anything remotely useful, but it's still nice to have.

All of my toons now qualified to go into the Nighthold LFR, so I'm using that opportunity to get them their much needed upgrade.  The DK got a nice trinket and the shaman got a whole bunch of gears as well.  My least geared character is now my monk.  Got to work her into the quest rotation.

125/80/66/86 mg/DL 223.8lb
Week to Week -1.6lb

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 2354 - Legion Day 154

Weird night.  I send as many of my toons through world quest while queuing for the LFR.  The mage got a weird legendary chest piece that I'm using purely for stat upgrade purpose.  The shadow priest got a rather nice legendary ring that I still have to figure out how to use.

127/97/60 91 mg/DL 224.6lb

Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 2353 - Legion Day 153

Weirder things have happen, but my hunter apparently forgot to loot in Mythic dungeons, and managed to not loot this legendary leg piece.  It's not the best thing for the toon, but the item level upgrade alone is worth the trouble.  Now I have to get enough order hall resources together to research the next upgrade.

115/77/72 82 mg/DL 223lb

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 2352 - Legion Day 152

We did the first spend quite a bit of time on heroic Nighthold.  I used up all of the bonus roll on the previous night, so I was in no position of trying to roll on heroic tier pieces.  Oh well there's next week.

116/76/63 93 mg/DL 220.8lb

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 2351 - Legion Day 151

Day 2 without proper workout with treadmill machine.  Thankfully it was only a blown fuse, easily repaired.

We also finished the normal Nighthold run.  I got 2 piece of gears, one tier piece and one bracer.  I cannot really use the chest tier piece until I get another tier piece, but the bracer I'm using.

117/74/79 90 mg/DL 224.6lb