Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 2375 - Legion Day 175

The Druid go through all 3 available LFR instances and actually came out with lots of gears.  Right off the first boss, she got a feral legendary boots.  Too bad, I'm 2 Order Hall upgrade away from being able to use both.  She also got both the tier cloak and dps trinket off from the first wing's end boss.  I got nothing from the second LFR, but I did get a neck from the bridge boss and a helm from the last boss.  In all, my item level almost raised by 10 points.

The hunter did go through all 3 LFR, and managed to get a bracer upgrade (from iLevel 835) and 2 trinket.  I end up only using one.

The warlock got the tier cloak from the first LFR run, and got another legendary item.  Too bad the character's order hall is 2 upgrade away from being able to use 2 legendary item.  And I don't have another bracer to try out that helm.

116/85/74 83 mg/DL 224lb

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