Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 2363 - Legion Day 163

I have to go back to the spreadsheet to prioritize which character gets to play.  And I managed to get 4 characters through.  Albeit, 2 of them already have done half of the available Nighthold LFR already, and the ones that really needs to get their turn are Druid and Warrior.

The druid got 5 pieces of loot including tier glove that I cannot use until I get the second piece.  The warrior got 6 pieces of gear.  Didn't get the tier glove.  Still good amount of gear upgrade.

The next two toons were waiting for their weekly quest token to get completed before going into the instance.  Rogue got 3 pieces of loot plus an Artifact relic.  The shadow priest got 2 pieces of loot.

In all of these, I tried to do as much of the emissary quest as I can, as all of these characters needs Order Hall Resources to get the next upgrade.  Some of the characters are further behind than the others.

120/78/59 96 mg/DL 225.6lb

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