Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 92 - 11/12 Hard Mode Done

After a long long day (woke up at 4, drive 90 minutes to off site meeting, standing in the cold wind for 40 minutes, drive back that took 2 hours), I realized that I was not in any condition to do my 25 minutes of walk yesterday.  Well, no point in crying over spill milk.

Yesterday, we took our latest shot at Heroic Sindragosa.  It was a long and hard fight.  But with enough people finally listening to the instruction (stop casting when you're about to blow up on everyone around), we finally got her down.  We're now 11/12 hard mode boss down for the expansion (kind of odd that we're still chasing these 4 weeks before the next expansion), but good for the guild none the less.  We got 2 shots in at heroic Lich King and his 105 million health.  After trying to call it a night on normal Lich King, we have 1 spot open, and sold the 25 man achievement for 2k gold for the guild bank.

136/90/85 264lb 98 mg/DL
Month 03 15.4lb

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