Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 2468 - Legion Day 268

The new weekly Broken Shore campaign quest is one that I simply cannot just powered through.  I have to do 3 Order Hall mission that's in Broken Shore.  Since they tends to be quite long and my main character didn't have one already queue up, this might take a while.

117/79/62 90 mg/DL 226.6lb

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 2467 - Legion Day 267

I managed to catch one of the Legion invasion (Highmountain) with 4 hours left on the timer.  I actually got 7 characters through the whole thing, and greatly bring their Artifact trait up to near par.  No legendary gears though.

129/86/63 84 mg/DL 226.2lb

Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 2466 - Legion Day 266

I managed to get all of the character on-par in terms of Broken Shores world quests.  Slowly I'm getting my character's weapon's leveling up.  Most of them are between traits 46 to 48.  My main is currently at 53.

136/96/62 82 mg/DL 227lb

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 2465 - End of Week 258

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-28-2017 Front
05-28-2017 Side

I got a new Legendary dps helm out of my warrior.  Unfortunately, to use it, I will have to farm the tier chest piece, which I currently don't have.

139/85/61 82 mg/DL 228lb
Week to Week 0.2lb

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 2464 - Legion Day 264

And the start of the holiday weekend.  I'm going to be clear Broken Shore world quest on all of my characters, and this can get a wee bit monotonous, but it does help me out regarding artifact power of my various alts.

109/80/66 88 mg/DL 227lb

Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 2463 - Legion Day 263

I've reset my spreadsheet to prioritize artifact power on the character's weapon.  Right now the priority is to do the Broken Shores world quest since they are more rewarding.  Also the hidden spawn chest have chances of giving me legendary gears.

 122/86/66/86 mg/DL 226.8lb

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 2462 - Legion Day 262

No raid on the second night of the week, no one shows up.  That's fine as I'm now starting to play the nethershard lottery.  After putting all of my character through the once every 3 day world quest that can potentially reward good gears, the only good thing I got out of the whole thing is the dps trinket on the Demon Hunter.  Not sure if I'll use that or the legendary head piece...  After some deliberation, I decided to keep the headpiece and use the trinket, but changing out the belt.

The last character that went through the nethershard lottery is the Death Knight, and she got the exact same dps trinket.  This time, there's no question about using it, I cannot switch out the leg, which is one of the best piece of gear she has.  I don't have another boot of equal quality to switch out, so I cannot use the new trinket at all.

142/98/68 92 mg/DL 227.2lb

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 2461 - Legion Day 261

The Broken Shore campaign this week is killing 3 elite rare bosses on the island.  It's actually significantly easier than last week's grind.  I actually managed to get 1/2 of my character done before I went to bed.  The guild raid was a whole lot sloppy, but we managed to clear Heroic Nighthold.   I didn't get any significant loot from the raid, but did get an upgraded belt from the weekly box.

129/98/64 89 mg/DL 224.6lb

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 2460 - Legion Day 260

I didn't do much on the last raid night of the week.  Just trying to get as many of the world quests done as I can.  The Paladin main did get to Artifact Knowledge 37, and got to the final trait for the weapon.  The rest will simply be incremental upgrade.

119/81/63 86 mg/DL 225.6lb

Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 2459 - Legion Day 259

While helping out guild member's various mythic run, I managed to get the same speed boost boots that the Death Knight recently got.  It won't be in my normal raid gear, but I'll be using it in my legacy raid/dungeon run as well as the Artifact Challenge set.

I've also decided on not opening up various boxes I got from World Quest until patch 7.2.5 drops.  It's probably going to be a month from now, so I'll have some boxes saved up for a shot at the new Legendary.

On other front, my Nexus 6P phone completely utterly died.  I cannot powered it back up.  Lets hope that I get more use out of it from the replacement ones.

134/90/58 86 mg/DL 226.4lb

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 2458 - End of Week 257

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-21-2017 Front
05-21-2017 Side

And I'm done with this week's Broken Shore campaign quest.  It's not a total loss as I got 2 Legendary out of it.  Now onto getting all of my character's gear up to par by farming Artifact Power.

120/78/63 85 mg/DL 228.2lb
Week to Week -1.2lb

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 2457 - Legion Day 257

Finally I have resolved the video card problem by swapping it out.  The weekly Broken Shore campaign continues, and I have opted to also do the world quest on the isle at the same time.  My shadow priest got the holy healing trinket when I forgot to set the loot to the correct setting.  Oh well, at least I'll have a healing trinket instead of stat stick for loot.

The rogue actually got a good dps ring off from the Wyrmtongue cache.  This frees up the glove slot for something much more useful.

130/99/61 91 mg/DL 227lb

Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 2456 - Legion Day 256

Now that we got the raid out of the way, it's time for me to continue to do the weekly Broken Shore campaign.  As I said, this is really time consuming, and I cannot see how it can be done without flying mount enabled.  I got the main character through first and then do the rest of the run in reverse order, starting with the Demon Hunter.  I managed to get 3 characters done.

145/90/62 91 mg/DL 225.2lb

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 2455 - Legion Day 255

The Mythic didn't occur again, so I end up taking the warlock to the run this time.  She got the normal version of the tier head and glove.  Since she's wearing Legendary head piece, the only upgrade is the gloves.

129/86/91 92 mg/DL 225lb

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 2454 - Legion Day 254

We did the Heroic Nighthold raid run again, and once again, the dps trinket eludes me.  I did get an upgraded version of the leg plates off the final boss so it's not a total loss.  This week's Broken Shore campaign looks to be totally stupid and time consuming.  10 Wyrmtongue Cache box...

124/82/64 99 mg/DL 224.2lb

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 2453 - Legion Day 253

Last day of the raid week.  Still working on various fixes of the video card.  It's still not working.  So I'm reduced to just doing Broken Shore world quest and wait for a more permanent fix.

127/81/54 85 mg/DL 223.8lb

Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 2452 - Legion Day 252

I'm still trying to actually do the weekly Broken Shore quest per each class as it's required to get the class mount.  This week's quest isn't too bad, I just have to go around and tag 100 mobs in Faronaar.

134/91/60 90 mg/DL 225.6lb

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 2451 - End of Week 256

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-14-2017 Front
05-14-2017 Side

Playing off the backup system kinda sucks.  The keys are not where I'm expecting, so my playing is suffering.  I can't wait to actually fix the issue.

131/91/63 86 mg/DL 228.4lb
Week to Week -1.4lb

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day 2450 - Legion Day 250

I spend a bit of time trying to fix the video card to no avail.  Looks like I'm going to have to deal with RMA and such.  In the meantime, my Warcraft playing is significantly curtailed as my backup unit cannot do much other than world quest.

143/91/65 90 mg/DL 226.6lb

Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 2449 - Legion Day 249

I didn't get much done, the video card is acting up.  I did get the bonus mount from the new rep system from Highmountain.  The mount itself is a bit disappointing though.

125/78/64 99 mg/DL 225.8lb

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 2448 - Legion Day 248

Once again the guild didn't get enough people to show up for Mythic, so we did a normal clear.  I brought the monk to try out the new Legendary effect, and still getting used to it.  Nothing worthwhile dropped for the toon.

120/83/60 85 mg/DL 226.6lb

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 2447 - Legion Day 247

With the Disruptor still available for 2 hours, I managed to put all of my characters through to the Broken Shore boss one more time.  No legendary, but I did get 4 pieces of loot.

After that's done, we did the Heroic Nighthold minus some regular people.  It didn't go as smoothly as last week, but we did get the instance cleared.  And I got Meatball as a follower.  Now to level him up.

129/87/58 85 mg/DL 226.8lb

Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 2446 - Legion Day 246

I spend the day working on all of the alts' bonus quest with the King.  Quite a bit of work for about 10 million AP.  Also I'm trying to advance all of the characters through the treasure hunting quest, just so I can get the world quest once every 3 days.

Rogue finally got her tier shoulder, which allows her to use both pieces of rogue specific legendary gears.

129/73/56 87 mg/DL 227.2lb

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 2445 - End of Week 255

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

05-07-2017 Front
05-07-2017 Side

The build that gave bonus boss is up, and also hands out free bonus roll once per day.  I managed to get all of my characters through that bonus world boss and still have the same amount of bonus roll.  The Death Knight got a good DPS legendary that allows for more flexible use of the rest of her gears.  The druid got a iLevel 900 shoulder that's usable.

131/91/63 86 mg/DL 228.4lb
Week to Week -1.4lb

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 2444 - Legion Day 244

Plowing through all of this week's Broken Shore quest line (12 Broken Shore World Quest) is somewhat tedious, but it has to be done to get each class their class mount.  It got to be done.

121/80/55 83 mg/DL 226.2lb

Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 2443 - Legion Day 243

Instead of queuing up for LFR, I spend the night doing Broken Shore weekly quest chains.  Or rather, catching up, since none of my characters other than the Paladin have done last week's quest.  So I end up doing this on 11 characters, joining group to farm shard, which can drop the necessary quest token.

After that's done, the next step is to do this week's quest, 12 world quest in Broken Shore.  At most, there are only 8 quests up per character, so this will take a couple of days to do.

115/83 63 89 mg/DL 225.8lb

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 2442 - Legion Day 242

We didn't have enough attendance to do Mythic run.  So we end up doing normal run.  I brought in my  Demon Hunter and she did finish the tier set as well as a bunch of other items.  Next time we do one of these runs, I should bring my Paladin to collect the missing pieces.

115/93/61 91 mg/DL 226lb

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 2441 - Legion Day 241

We had a very good night of run by finishing the Heroic Nighthold in one night plus the first boss of Mythic version.  I also complete the Heroic Tier 19 Paladin set.  I actually preferred the normal model.  Perhaps I should do that in the future.

124/88/77 88 226.8lb

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 2440 - Legion Day 240

I spend most of the night working on the Druid.  She has 4 Artifact weapon, and only one that's above 36 traits.  When the evening is done, I got all 4 weapon up to the original maximum traits and then got the 7.2 quests done so they're significantly better at it than before.  The Restoration staff is still missing one relic, but that'll come in the future.

133/90/64 86 mg/DL 225.4lb

Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 2439 - Legion Day 239

It's Death Knight and Hunter's turn at LFR.  For some reason I accidentally deleted my tier helm.  Fortunately for item restoration, I got them back.  I managed to get the remaining pieces of tier piece.  But with 2 of my tier slot used up by Legendary item, it's good to have everything back.

The Hunter got the Tier head piece, which allows her to use the iLevel 900 cloak from the Broken Shore boss.

In all, a good day of running around.

134/92/61 83 mg/DL 227.4lb