Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 212 - Ghostcrawler - Seven Months out

Slight addendum:  This post was started last night prior to me going to sleep to put in the Warcraft related material.  After I got into the office, I realized that this is the seventh month out for me since surgery.  Total weight loss this month is 10.4 pounds, a bit low in terms of my monthly average, but still better than my worst month (December to January 8.4 pounds).  I'm just glad that the weight loss has started again.

So after a long drive back home from the support meeting, I decided to run at least 1 daily heroic on my hunter and then hunt for the other Cataclysm Spirit Beast, Ghostcrawler named after the online handle used by the lead designer of World of Warcraft.  After I finished up the Therazane daily quests, I ported over to Vashj'ir to start my camping of Ghostcrawler.  After I got through my daily heroic dungeon (Stonecore where my ghost wolf died after every single boss fight), I logged out and removed the creature cache and try to scan for the creature again.  Lo and behold on my first pass, the object of my desire appears.  Now, as a added benefit and joke, freezing trap does not work on this creature.  It has 1.5 million health and it's basically unkillable due to the signature spell Nerfbat that's cast continuously and will render attackers unable to attack.  Naturally once you tamed the creature, this overpowering spell goes away.

Well, here's the Spirit Beast Ghostcrawler alongside a Worgen Kycilia in Abyssal Depths:

And here's what Karoma with a Worgen Kycilia in Twilight Highland looks like:

Breakfast: Protein Latte (326 calorie, 34.6g protein)
Morning Snack: Cheese Snack (80 calorie, 5g protein)
Lunch: Healthy Choice (260 calorie, 15g protein)
Afternoon Snack: Cheese Snack (80 calorie, 5g protein)
Dinner: Pork Chop (328 calories, 53g protein), Egg Drop Soup (39 calories, 4g protein)
Soy Juice (100 calories, )

119/75/64 216.6lb 91 mg/DL

Month 07 10.4lb

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