Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 1118 - Mists of Pandarian Day 339

I was in the car dealership this morning getting the car serviced.  I brought my laptop with me, and instead of trying to use their Wi-Fi, I opted to use my own tether solution.  I managed to put 8 out of 9 of my toons through Heroic Scenario, which is actually somewhat impressive.

134/84/48 96 mg/DL 177.8lb

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 1117 - Mists of Pandarian Day 338

In trying to beat the traffic, I opted to work from home today.  It may not be the best idea as the temperature finally reach our seasonal average.  It's been an unusually mild summer thus far.  Today is hot and humid.  And our house does not usually use air conditioning.

One week before the patch 5.4, and I'm still running heroic scenario.  Still nothing worth reporting.

123/71/46 93 mg/DL 175.4lb

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 1116 - Mists of Pandarian Day 337

I finally got my priest through the Pinnacle of Storm LFR last night.  Seeing the only boss I need is from the first one, it's fairly tough to get that.  Pinnacle of Storm is the one LFR where people just abandon the last boss due to the added complexity and no extra benefit of loot.

Well, now that's done, I'll concentrate on my druid tonight.

127/78/53 88 mg/DL 176.2lb

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1115 - Mists of Pandarian Day 336

It's getting seriously hard to get heroic scenario going as people are just waiting for the 5.4 patch.  After the stupendous Monday with 3 new loots, my luck have been fairly bad.  Perhaps I should start reading up on 5.4 content.

124/83/53 88 mg/DL 179.2lb

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 1114 - Mists of Pandarian Day 335

Sometimes the luck of the loot turns.  Last night, after a long week, I had enough time to take 6 out of 9 toons through Heroic Scenario.  My paladin got an upgraded 2 hander dps sword.  My mage got an upgraded spell dagger and my hunter got an upgraded gun.  3 out of six toons isn't too bad of a night.

122/82/56 88 mg/DL 179.2lb

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1113 - Mists of Pandarian Day 334

Took all of my toons through Heroic Scenario.  Had some horrendous tank, but mostly they went ok.  Since I'm valor point capped on all of my toons, beating the scenario timer didn't matter to me.

Went to Steely Dan concert last night.  A payback for the blood donation I did last month.  Well worth the effort.  Although it's against my religion to pay for parking, it wasn't as bad as I fear.  I park a block away for $10 and I can certainly use the walk.

The band played without a break for 2 solid hours.  They mentioned that it'll be mostly hits and here's the playlist:

Your Gold Teeth
Hey Nineteen
Show Biz Kids
Black Cow
Black Friday
Time Out of Mind
Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
Deacon Blues
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Do It Again
(Band Introduction)
My Old School
Reelin' In The Years

Kid Charlemagne

The only non-Radio friendly song that they selected was Daddy Don't Live in that New York City No More.  A fairly good list.

117/76/57 89 mg/DL 178.2lb

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 1112 - End of Week 158

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-25-2013 Front
08-25-2013 Side

Took all of my toon through Heroic Scenario this morning.  I ran into some truly horrendous tank and players.  That's random stranger for you.

112/74/69 94 mg/DL 178.2lb
Week to Week 0.4lb

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 1111 - Mists of Pandarian Day 332

You learn something everyday.  I've been queuing my protection paladin as dps spec to get dps gear.  I just found out that I can queue up as any spec, I just have to adjust my loot spec to match what I want, and I can get what I want.  Now I can just queue up as protection, which has a shorter queue time.

128/83/58 102 mg/DL 178.2lb

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 1110 - Mists of Pandarian Day 331

Still running my toons through Heroic Scenario in vain hope of getting useful upgrades now that I've exhausted most of the LFR.  With my re-worked schedule of toons, all of my toons now gets to enjoy the 50% bonus valor point acquisition quicker.  Unfortunately for me, the upgrade there is also starting to run out.  For example, I bought my mage her new iLevel 522 chest piece.  It's a significant upgrade, but after that, no more upgrade.  I guess I should save it for the patch in 2 weeks.

124/71/52 99 mg/DL 178.6lb

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 1109 - Mists of Pandarian Day 330

I ran my priest through the two LFR that I can still get gears out of today.  Since she still have 2 more coins, it's worth my while to run the group.  Prior to that, I ran that character through heroic and normal scenario to get to the valor cap for the week.  This allows the rest of my toons to get on accelerated valor point acquisition.  With that in mind, the priest strikes out.

I then went through 2/3 of my toons through heroic scenario.  I got a sidegrade for my mage, and the death knight managed to get an non-upgrade.  However, the warlock finally got an upgrade spell dagger.  Still didn't get a chance to try her out in practice.

At this rate of acquisition, I should be hitting the valor point cap on Saturday.

124/82/55 97 mg/DL 177.2lb

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 1108 - Mists of Pandarian Day 329

After running all 9 level 90 through Heroic Scenario, I only have enough time to do 2 LFR.  Albeit, my gnome priest have to run it twice, as the first time featured the end boss, and not the item I needed.

Finally got enough quality sleep this morning, 6 hours and 54 minutes of actual sleep according to Fitbit Flex, and for a change I feel great.  Well back to work.

126/86/58 100 mg/DL 178lb

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 1107 - Mists of Pandarian Day 328

It's a fairly bad idea to start reading something engrossing 2 hours before the bed time.  4 hours later, and well pass my normal sleep time during a weekday, I finally get to sleep.  Not good.

I managed to run all of my toons through Heroic Scenario yesterday.  Nothing too spectacular except for a dps chest piece that my Paladin cannot use quit yet.  I also ran one LFR on my paladin.  It went surprisingly smoothly, having only one wipe at Dark Animus, and that's always been a tough fight.  And this is on a raid week ending Monday, where the worst LFR'ers usually shows up.

135/85/55 97 mg/DL 180.2lb

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 1106 - Mists of Pandarian Day 327

Yesterday was a most painful day of LFR'ing.  There was a serious issue with both quality of tank and the rest of the raid when I queue up my mage to get her chest piece.  Many wipes there.  I also tried to get some dps gear for my Paladin.  While I did walk away from there with a new leg piece and ring, the wipes were numerous and painful.  Finally in the process of gathering dps pieces for my monk, my luck changed.  It could be because I queue as a tank, and got through the 2 bosses I need without the luck of my other 2 toons.  But I did get a helm out of it.  Can't use it yet until I get the 4 piece bonus.  Today is the last day of this raid week.  I guess after doing Heroic Scenario, I really should concentrate on doing my epic quest lines.

116/77/54 89 mg/DL 181.2lb

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 1105 - End of Week 156

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-18-2013 Front
08-18-2013 Side

My back is still giving me problem despite wearing a heat pack all day yesterday.  This sucks.

Most of my toons maxed out on weekly valor point acquisition.  I have 3 toons left that still have some to gain.  Still, I'll be running everyone on Heroic Scenario for that slim chance of getting upgrade gears.

I also ran a couple of LFR for my character that still need pieces for completeness sake.  My mage's pathetic LFR group wipe 5 times on the first boss.  Absolutely no loot.

123/83/57 96 mg/DL 178.6lb
Week to Week -1.6lb

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 1104 - Mists of Pandarian Day 325

Took a couple of toons through LFR.  I broke down and bought a iLevel 522 chest piece for my warlock.  Haven't really took her out for a test drive with the new gear yet.  Still grinding things out.

118/78/60 103 mg/DL 179.4lb

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 1104 - Mists of Pandarian Day 325

Due to schedule switch up, I went to Rose Hills yesterday instead of today.  They were doing some road work in the cemetary, and I had to walk half way up to the tower.  That walk makes my walk yesterday up to 11787.  Unfortunately, I was pretty much laid up for this morning's exercise.

I push all of my toons through heroic scenario, since that's pretty much the only place most of them can get upgrade until the next patch.  The two exceptions are my druid and priest.  And my priest actually got the tier 15 glove token piece.  3 down and two to go.

120/79/55 103 mg/DL 178.4lb

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1103 - Mists of Pandarian Day 324

Ran all 9 of my toons through Heroic Scenario.  For some strange reason, I keep on getting the the heroic version of A Brewing Storm, which in my opinion is the hardest of the bunch.  I did managed to grab a tanking ring for my death knight, who also managed to get her 5th DPS tier 15 piece.  Now I just need to figure out which of the pieces to replace.  Unfortunately for me, I have two toons still in need of tier pieces, and the rolls have not been kind.  The druid needs to keep return to the final Throne of Thunder LFR over and over again to get both pieces, and the priest have 3 pieces to go scatter across 3 different LFR.  I guess they'll be the one hitting the weekly Valor Point cap.

Lunch, Sushi Bowl

124/82/62 94 mg/DL 177.8lb

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 1102 - Mists of Pandarian Day 323

Paraphrasing John Steinback The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry  I had intended to avoid the northbound 405 due to the on-ramp closure that will persist the next couple of months by taking alternative route.  After mapping out the way, I went on Coldwater Canyon Blvd.  The drive up to Mulholland Drive was boring, but the drive down from the ridge was really really slow.  It wasn't until I was near the bottom of the canyon that I saw the cause, an accident on a 2 lane mountain road.  That added an extra 30 minutes to my drive.  Oh, here's what that drive looks like, time lapse:

Since I didn't have that much time last night, I went ahead and just do heroic scenario, and managed to put 5 of my toons through.  Got useable loot for my mage and warlock, but there are some seriously bad or malicious player out there to give me grief.  Back to normal schedule today.

 123/79/52 91 mg/DL 177lb

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 1101 - Mists of Pandarian Day 322

Put all 9 of my toons through Heroic Scenario.  For a change, I actually got one piece of useful gear, a ring for my rogue.  My priest went through the one boss she needs in Throne of Thunder.  Spend the coin and got nothing.

Well, today is the support meeting night, so my gaming is going to be really limited.  And my queueing strategy is going to be modified to get my toons with least amount of gears.

124/81/56 93 mg/DL 177.6lb

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1100 - Mists of Pandarian Day 321

Last night, I ran my monk through the first part of Throne of Thunder LFR, looking for the trinket in the first boss.  Naturally, I didn't get it.  I also ran a single normal scenario, which pushed the monk to the weekly cap of 1000 Valor Point.  Now all 9 of my toons are VP capped, so there's very little reason for me to run much of anything today, the last day of the raid week.  I'll still queue up the LFR for the toon that still need gear from LFR, but instead of queueing up scenario to past time, I'll be running other things.

121/79/61 90 mg/DL 178lb

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 1099 - End of Week 155

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-11-2013 Front
08-11-2013 Side

Just for completeness sake, when I woke up this morning, I went on my warlock and slay Lay Vashj once more.  This time, it took one try, and I got the helm token.  I also spend the morning taking all of my toons through Heroic Scenario.  Still no new weapon drop, and most of my toons have hit Valor Point weekly cap, which makes my old standby trick of queueing LFR and normal scenario moot.  Well, I can always to get back to the old instances and try my luck there.

130/91/57 87 mg/DL 177lb
Week to Week 1.2lb

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 1098 - Mists of Pandarian Day 319

All of my toons are now exalted with Shado-Pan Assault.  This means I can stop running the LFR if I don't need gears from there and just run scenario, which yields the valor point at a faster pace.

Speaking of scenario, I ran all of my toons through it this morning.  Got my paladin's DPS helm and a tanking boot for my death knight.  Other than that, nothing worth mention.  I also ran 5 of 9 of my toon through LFR, again, nothing but gold.

131/89/63 87 mg/DL 178.4lb

Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 1097 - Mists of Pandarian Day 318

On deck today is my warlock, paladin, priest and hopefully rogue.  Only my priest is in dire need of gears.

110/73/50 83 mg/DL 176.2lb

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 1096 - Mists of Pandarian Day 317

As I've mentioned before, most of my toons have gotten 4 piece, albeit, I now have to work to get the 5th piece due to the iLevel 522 shoulder with 900 gold (however, the reforge cost is 250g).  The two exception is my druid and priest.

With that in mind, my current priority is to get as much gears from Heroic Scenario as I can.  I put 8 out of 9 character through it.  No significant gears.

114/77/54 93 mg/DL 175lb

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 1095 - Mists of Pandarian Day 316

As I was saying yesterday, with the exception of my druid and shadow priest, most of my toons are now using 4 piece tier 15 bonus in their main spec.  With most of my characters very close to hitting exalted with Shado-Pan Assault faction, I actually need to plan around the shoulder piece, which can be bought using just 900g.  The first toon I have a chance to test out that theory is my Monk.  Unfortunately, it does appear that the shoulder piece is better suited for her dps off spec, so my monk is my only character to be wearing 5 piece Tier 15.

My poor priest with her 2 piece Tier 15 actually got a piece of upgrade last night.  She got a Heroic Scenario weapon, which blew away the main hand she was using.  Still looking for more than 2 piece bonus though.

120/72/51 98 mg/DL 173.6lb

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 1094 - Mists of Pandarian Day 315

The first thing I do on the new raid week is to redeem the lesser lucky coins into the current raid's loot coin.  With 9 active level 90s, that actually took a bit of time.  Being that my toons (with some glaring exception) have mostly farmed out the current LFR instances, I'm doing a lot more heroic scenario, which does offer quit a bit of difficulty due to the different level of gears and competency of the other players.  More on that later.

The food I ate on Sunday night is STILL playing havoc on me today.  I attempt to make up for the lack of food intake today by taking the eggs that I normally eat in the morning, later in the afternoon.  I still feel weird.

 119/88/55 88 mg/DL 175.2lb

Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 1093 - Mists of Pandarian Day 314

The stupendous meal last night really lay me out.  I didn't bother with my usual eggs for breakfast this morning.  I'm still not sure how much food I can eat today.

Last night, my shadow priest became the first of my toon to get to exalted reputation with Shado-Pan Assault.  With that, I can buy an iLevel 522 shoulder with 900g, and it means that I have to re-evaluate all of my toons' gear choice and the need to filled out all of the slot aside from the shoulder spot.

129/79/50 90 mg/DL 180.2lb

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 1092 - End of Week 154

08-07-2010 Front
08-07-2010 Side

08-04-2013 Front
08-04-2013 Side

I managed to finished Coilfang Resevoir on my warlock solo.  It took 2 tries, but I did it.  Too bad, the right token didn't drop.  It's fine, I'll get it next week.  My lack of class token streak continues.  This weekend, I got a grand total of one piece, on my Paladin, which filles out her 5 pieces.  Meanwhile my priest and druid are still looking for more of their fair share.

For no particular reason at all, and probably because I was celebrating the end of my July, I took my father and brothers out to dinner at Ruth's Chris.  Here's what my meal looks like:

Petit Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail 

Creme Brulee with walnut cookie 

I didn't eat the cookie.

123/75/53 95 mg/DL 178.2lb
Week to Week -1.8lb

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 1091 - Mists of Pandarian Day 312

Finally got the iLevel 516 weapon from the Heroic Scenario.  Although my monk just went through a couple of rounds of upgrade, it's still nice to have the staff.

In the midst of all that, I was asked to help out some people to get a black drake mount from the Liche King raid instance.  It was significantly easier than I thought.  In return the guild mate help me out on clearing out Coilfang Resevoir.  I got the 3 remaining Tier 5 pieces, and with that, I now have a Tier 5 priest with the priest on a stick staff.

Here's the gnome priest with a transmogged staff.

 Really wonderful look.

129/85/67 95 mg/DL 178.2lb

Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 1090 - Mists of Pandarian Day 311

Bought my warlock her iLevel 522 belt to finally raise her iLevel up a bit.  Also got her the heroic scenario shoulder.  The warlock is now well set.

Surprisingly enough, my Paladin actually got her fifth piece of Tier 15 gear.  She got it while tanking Nalak, and getting the iLevel 522 version.  Quit a bit of reshuffling as I tried to adjust the settings.  My mage also got a rather spec appropriate shoe, as well as my Rogue.  The two toons that still need significant gears (shadow priest and druid are still striking out).

I did my blood test this morning.  Not sure what happened, but their fist attempt at right arm failed miserably.   The left arm work better, albeit, I still feel a bit sore about it.

120/79/59 90 mg/DL 178.6lb

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 1089 - Mists of Pandarian Day 310

After a slight miscalculation about the amount of gold I had, I finally scrounge enough money to buy the last Orb of Mystery to make Sunstone Panther, which when combined with the other 3 Jewelcrafter mounts I made last week allows me to combined to form Jeweled Onyx Panther.  This mount is far more expensive to make than the Goblin bomb mount I'v previous made.  Now I just have to find a gnome engineer to make the rocket mount.

Oh, this is what my main toon and jewelcrafter look on the finish product:
Jeweled Onyx Panther
115/95/62 93 mg/DL178.4lb