Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 126 - 80 Pounds Lost

I've lost 80 pounds since 2 days prior to the surgery.  This particular 10 pound mile stone seemed to take longer than last time (3 weeks).  But any gain towards my goal is better than no goal.  I'm about half way through my targeted weight of 163 pound.  Most literature I've read on the effect of the surgery states that the first 6 months is the golden period of weight loss.  By 6th month, the body will have adjust to the new stomach, and the weight loss will become tougher.

Ran 4 Heroic instances, 2 of them as a replacement tank (Blackrock Cavern and Thrones of Tide).  One of them lead by a guild healer (Heroic Shadowfang Keep), and one as an all guild run (Stonecore).  Stonecore is definitely harder than the rest, but not impossible.  Managed to pick up several pieces of upgrade, including the Earthen Ring revered head enchant.  The guild also managed to grab the new Tol Barad raid run with whatever we have on-hand.  Since not all guild raiders have gotten up to level 80 (and geared yet), the raid make up is weird.  After 3 wipes, we got him down.

I now have a bit of decision to make.  I level Earthen Ring reputation for the head enchant.  Their epic plate item does nothing for my tanking.  Wildhammer Clan's epic tanking plate boot is great for me, but it's at exalted.  Guardians of Hyjal has a easily reached tanking neck piece at honored, which if I go through their entire quest chain, I should be able to reach.  Ramkahen at Uldum has both an epic tanking wrist and the fun camel mounts.  After one week, my time playing WoW will be much more limited, not to mention that today I start my on-call agian.

127/86/69 248lb 99 mg/DL
Milestone 80lb

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