Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 95 - Fat As Insulation

This is a re-edited version of a forum post on DiscussWLS.

I've noticed that as my weight decreases, the fat I'm loosing are causing some issues.  First off, I felt a lot colder than I'm used to.  When I sleep, just between the blanket and my own fat, I was able to get comfortable in my own bed.  The last couple of days belay that a bit.  It gets far longer to get the bed warm, and going to the bathroom at night felt a whole lot more uncomfortable.

The second insulation is the fat from my butts.  Due to my work, I sat in a chair for at least 15 hours a day.  I use Aeron chair both at the office and at home.  Just mere weeks after the surgery, I start to feel the tail bone discomfort that I never knew was there in the first place.  The forum suggest I tried getting a medical seat cushion, perhaps I can look into that.  (The medical supply stores all seemed to be in the business of selling motorized wheelchair for medicare, so my hope for them carrying what I need is low).

Yesterday is a non-raiding day, so I tried something different.  On Maintankadin forum there was a discussion regarding dungeons that can be run solo for making money.  Someone mentioned that Magtheridon is supposed to be easy to solo.  I tried with the suggested talent and glyph.  After my 6th wipe, I give up and went over to Karazhan for my weekly Fiery Warhorse farming.  Of course it didn't drop, but I decided to recoup some of my money by finishing as many of the rest of the instance as I can to get some money.  I got Attumen, Moroes, Maiden of Virtue, The Big Bad Wolf of the Opera Event.  And decided to farm Ghostly Philanthropist, which used to drop 11g per mob.  But Blizzard have completely removed the money drop from these mobs.  I was able to break even with the Karazhan farming.

120/83/83 260.8lb 96 mg/dl

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