Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 2364 - Legion Day 164

After my daily disappointment with Crown Chemical Company dungeon runs, my remaining character to do the Nighthold LFR is my warlock.  I have more luck convincing other people to give me their unwanted loot than actually getting them myself.  I did get the second legendary piece on this character, a shared loot between priest mage and warlock.  Too bad I don't have the Order Hall upgrade to use it yet.

I then looked more closely at the holiday event token and decided to spend an hour in normal Everbloom dungeon.  I can farm the charms which can be turn into tokens in that dungeon in my DPS gear and do it rather quickly.  After farming it, I now have 350 charms which equals to about 35 bracers or if I just parse it out for the daily quest, 3 of them can be turn into 15 love token.

117/83/58 84 mg/DL 225.4lb

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