Monday, September 20, 2021

Day 3775 - Shadowlands Day 296

I spend a bit of time after doing the Korthia dailies to take are of the last 2 rare mob I still need to get Conquering Korthia achievement.  As these two mobs are in Rift phase of the Maw, I decided to do it on tanking spec.  Good thing as the mobs both have 300k of health.  The 2nd mob required me to utilize group finder to go to a different shard.  With that completed, I got Breaking the Chains achievement.  However, the achievement is still bugged, and I didn't get the associated mount.

A couple of hours later, Blizzard pushed out a hotfix, and I was able to buy Korthia mount for the other Covenant characters that haven't gotten On the Offensive achievement.  It took 2 more hours for the mount to be added to the mount journal.

140/105/63 125 mg/DL 258lb

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