Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 2168 - Legion Pre-Patch Day 9

Today is shirt day.  The 15 shirts is the last one I need to get Fashionista achievement.  Naturally I use my mage to go from place to place.  I even went inside Cavern of Time instance to pick up some newbie shirts that's a bit hard to get.

Later on, I attempt to try getting the illusion from the last boss of Mogu'shan Vault.  Unfortunately I don't think my warrior is the right class for doing this.  I failed rather miserably.

On the other front of transmog hunting, I did get the helm piece that the Death Knight need to complete her look.  Too bad Warcraft webpage's ability to display character look is currently offline.

117/80/58 89 mg/DL 226.8lb

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