Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 2614 - Legion Day 614

I found out that there's a profession crafted mount from Legion I still don't have.  The reason why it's not on the auction house is that it's a bind on pickup item that only Leatherworker with 800 skill point can make.  I have 2 leather worker, but only one at 800.  So I spend most of the night working on enough of the leatherworking professional quests to get the necessary quest to craft the mount.  Thankfully they put in checkpoint for the final quest.  It's easier with flying mount, but I went ahead and crafted a barding to prevent dazing and went in a tank spec to help out on the health part.

Here's what the mount #442 look like:

I also got the M+15 finished ahead of schedule so I can concentrate on other things.

139/98/71 89 mg/DL 238.2lb

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