Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 430 - Rest in Peace Dennis Ritchie

Last week the world mourn the passing of Steve Jobs.  This week, most of the world have no idea who Dennis Ritchie was and how he literally made my world.  I'll highlight the three greatest contribution to humanity that Dennis Ritchie have bring: Unix, C Programming Language, and The C Programming Language.

Without Unix, there's no BSD, which means no FreeBSD, no NeXTSTEP, thus no iMac and iPhone.  Without Unix, there's no Linux, which is the current dominate Enterprise operating system by a wide margin.  Also, there won't be Google and no Android phone.

For most people of my generation, the first real useful programming language we learn is C.  I shudder to think just how much of our automated world is coded in C and what a different place it would be without it.  Likewise, the first useful book on programming language we have is the simple book written by Kernighan & Ritchie.

We stood on the shoulder of giants in achieving our dreams.  We should both mourn passing and celebrate the life of one such giant.

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