Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 2235 - Legion Day 35

The emissary quest is Kirin Tor, and includes 2 puzzle quest, 1 flying quest and 1 racing quest.  Still no pet.

We finished up the normal Emerald Nightmare and I came away from it with 2 pieces of loot.  We also finished up the first boss in Heroic.  My dps is still sub optimal.

After finishing the emissary world quests on 2 toons, I decided to closed up the night by trying to fished up the final piece of the hidden appearance quest chain.  And 30 minutes later, I got what I came for.  Here's a screenshot of the short scenario for the appearance and the final look:

Walking in Shadows

Corrupted Ashbringer
In all, a good night of gaming.

130/89/61 82 mg/DL 220.4lb

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