Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 2254 - Legion Day 54

I spend quite a bit of time finishing up the rest of my character's Artifacts.  Hunter, Druid and Priest.

I make sure that I was actually in the spec for each weapon, as some of the quest kind of expect the player to use.

I have some familiarity with Beast Master Hunter spec, having play it during the prepatch period.  I never got a hang of the new melee Survival Hunter, but I made a go at it.

Of Druid's 3 remaining spec, I'm ok with Guardian spec, so that went by painlessly.

I spend a bit of time try to figure out how to heal on the Restoration Druid and I got the Balance Druid's Scythe (the third characters to go through Karazhan's vault).

The final characters to get their other Artifact is the Shadow Priest.  I did Holy spec first and only died a couple of times.  Discipline Priest Artifact is the last of the 36 Artifact weapon I acquired and that went rather smoothly.

Of all of the quests, the one I most enjoy is Destruction Warlock and Outlaw Rogue.

And I spend 1300 Ancient Mana on the Withered Army training.  Second times in a roll, it crashed the game when I tried to turn in the quest.

127/78/58 87 mg/DL 219.8lb

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