Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 1978 - Warlords of Draenor Day 429

We were trying to finish up most of the lower Mythic HFC and Socrethar and leaving us time to work on Gorefiend.  We do have good attendance, but we are switching in different people, so there is some learning curve to overcome.  After spending nearly 1/3 of our time wiping to Socrethar, we got him down with a near perfect execution.  I bonus rolled the Marksman Spec Bow, and have to run a couple of Mythic Dungeon to get the Valor Point to upgrade the bow after the raid.  The tier glove did not drop for my class.  Afterward, we went back downstairs and finish up the lower instance.  I did get an upgraded belt (it's only an upgrade after VP upgrade) and we end up having only 12 minutes to try Kilrogg.  Even after extending the raid time, we still cannot get him down after 3 more wipes.  This will take away times that we could spend on the next raid night.

123/82/64 101 mg/DL 218.8lb

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