Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 2006 - Warlords of Draenor Day 457

First thing I did today is to re-enable the DS25 Deathwing lockout on Justia just so I can crank out the last remaining Dragon Soul raid achievement.  And it took me longer to get there than the actual achievement itself.  Now I have all 3 color variation of Alexstrasza look-alike mount.

Here's Blazing Drake

Lifebinder's Handmaiden

Twilight Harbinger

I was a bit late for the guild raid, so I sat out Socrethar.  Good thing I don't need anything from him.  It took the rest of the raid time to down Fel Lord Zakum.  I didn't get anything from him yet.

I end the night finishing up the Stormstout Brewery achievement on 2 characters (Paladin and Death Knight) and Shado-Pan Monastery on Death Knight.  I now have Mogu'shan Palace final boss achievement which I might have to borrow one guild member to help out.  2 different Scarlet Monastery achievement, one Siege of Niuzao Temple and 2 Scholomance achievement, the last one being especially annoying.  I'll probably knock that one first on my hunter.

127/86/66 87 mg/DL 222lb

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