Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 2427 - Legion Day 227

For a change, the Legion Invasion was on my schedule, and I got plenty of time to actually do them on many characters.  I concentrated on the ones that need Order Hall Resource to get to the 7th level upgrade.  After that, I also concentrate on the ones with low resources.  Fortunately, the invasion happened at the same zone as the emissary quest, so I got two rewards for doing invasion at the same time.  And with that, I managed to get the last 3 of my characters who haven't got the upgrade done started their upgrade.  I may have to revisit some of my other characters that need to fix their choices, as getting the more powerful minions is more useful than extra champion.

The Broken Shore resource donation also got started again, and I rotated all of my characters through Broken Shore just to turn in the resources as well as doing enough dailies to fill up the quota.

126/86/72 92 mg/DL 227lb

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