Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 2428 - Legion Day 228

A good night of raiding.  The bonus world boss Apocron got reset so I got another shot at him.  Death Knight got 2 pieces of gear.  Shadow Priest got a shoulder.  Rogue and Warrior got an upgraded ring.  And Demon Hunter got an ok legendary dps belt.  Later on, I send the DH through the final leg of Nighthold LFR where she got her last piece of tier gear, which allows for some juggling to min-max her gears.

On the Paladin, she got a good legendary shoulder from the normal weekly World Boss, followed by an almost flawless run of Heroic Nighthold.  We were missing some key people, but our gears must've gotten better because we got through all but the final boss without wipe.  I know the new shoulder really help me out.  I also got the tier piece that has eluded me through both normal and heroic run of the instance, the shoulder, which ironically enough, I'm probably not going to be equipping due to just how good the new Legendary is.

117/87/66 86 mg/DL 226lb

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