Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 2475 - Legion Day 275

The Broke Shores campaign comes to an end.  The last of the weekly quest does take a bit of time (killing 100 demon on Broken Shore), but easily doable in conjunction with doing the world quest.  I finished that up on the Paladin before the raid.

The next step is the actual class mount quest.  For Paladin, it's actually not that hard.  I have to buy a barding off from the auction house.  Go to Suramar to get a diamond and then do a scenario to claim the mount.  The last part of the scenario was bugged for me, and I have to use the hearthstone to get out of the scenario.  But I did get the mount and it's a beautiful one at that.  I also picked up the second mount due to my primary artifact weapon being maxed out in artifact traits.  Just slightly different color.

The raid itself went as before, and I actually got the dps trinket that I've been farming for for the past couple of months.  It's nice to be done with that ordeal.

After the raid was over, I did the same thing on my Death Knight, and her quest does involved quite a bit of travelling.  Fortunately, most of it can be done via Death Gate and the portal under Dalaran.  The actual scenario was not too hard.

Before calling it a night, I did the Rogue quest.  Unlike Paladin and Death Knight, this one does not involve any scenario.  I literally have to travel to all 4 of the Horde capital cities and kill one target.  Fortunately it was late enough at night for me not to run into any of the opposing faction players (or rather, I didn't interact with them on PVP).  Surprisingly enough, I didn't die once.  I just have to run far enough from the guards to get out of combat.  3 out of 12 mounts done.

130/87/57 85 mg/DL 226.6lb

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