Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 2496 - Legion Day 296

We got the normal Tomb of Sargeras done plus the first boss on heroic in one night.  Unlike 2 weeks ago, my box stacking roulette didn't yield any legendary.

Loot wise, I got a heroic cloak off the heroic clear, a trinket off the Naga boss, a helm that no one actually wants, and made it into my tanking set.  I also got the tier cloak and shoulder.  The shoulder can't replace the legendary ones that's fully upgraded, but it did made it into the tanking set.

After the raid, I ran Mythical Maw of Soul 4 times just to get the weekly mythical dungeon quest done.  I got a heroic warforged ring off heroic Kil'Jaeden, which replaces a normal version I got last week.  25 item level upgrade there.

With the opening of LFR, weekly ToS quest token are starting to pop up on the order hall mission.  Too bad I got the normal clear done before getting the quest token quest done, but there's always next week.

143/93/60 88 mg/DL 228.6lb

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