Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 2172 - Legion Pre-Patch Day 13

I looked at the illusions and I've gotten most that can be gotten via reputation and enchanter created tomes.  I spend quite a bit of time going through LFR on my tanks to get the obtainable ones.

I got Mark of Bleeding Hollow from Kilrogg in HFC.  Mark of Shattered Hand from Kargath in Highmaul.  I have run Shadowmoon Burial Ground a couple of times to finally get Mark of the Shadowmoon illusion.

The rogue illusion of Poison did require a bit of grind as it's sold by Griftah from the fenced goods.  That took me a bit of time pickpocketing orcs in Tanaan Jungle.  But now that I know what to do, it should take too much more time to get the rest of his catalogue.

Of the ones that I can do by myself are: Razorice on my DK on Lich King, Blackrock from Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry (that I can queue up on LFR).   I'm going to have to queue up on legacy LFR to farm Sha of Fear and Will of the Emperor or find a group to do them.  I tried to do Will of the Emperor by myself and couldn't get that down by myself.

Finally there's Blade Ward that drops off from the 4 Titan Guardians.  I've been running Yogg-Saron on all of my toons for weeks now, but this one will need a bit of stepping back.  It would appear that I need to save another character through Ulduar 25 to go through all but the guardians and save it there.  Just to get the illusion before going back to Yogg farming.  Yogg himself also drops Blood Draining illusion, so I will be doing him as well.  It's just some more complications.

114/77/58 85 mg/DL 227.2lb

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