Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 2173 - Legion Pre-Patch Day 14

Making good on the thought I had from the last post, I spend most of the night switching my bank alt.  It literally took me the whole night of work.  First I have to mail off EVERYTHING in my bag and my bank slot.  The stuff in the guild bank can stay as I just have to recreate the toon and the guild bank will eventually be transferred.

I found someone I used to be in the same guild and had one of his alt be the guild master for 5 minutes while I recreate the new guild bank toon Sayla.  Sayla used to be a gnome rogue.  The new Sayla is a Draenei Shaman.  I have a spare level 100 boost from buying the Legion expansion early and I use it on her.  After getting the guild back, I went about getting all of the stuff I mailed to the other toons back.  That took hours.

First, I have to spend 11 hexweave bag to equip my new bank alt toon's personal bag and bank slot.  I then go about redoing the guild bank, which hasn't really have any organization for over 8 years.  It was a lot of work.  I discovered that most of my bag slot are taken up by battle pets, which constitutes about 90% of my bank alt's stuff.  I can actually reclaim a lot of bag space by relearning a lot of the battle pets back into my collection while keeping only the unique pets in the bank slot.  I kept 2 pets per type in bank slot put any of the spillover into the guild bank, which would not show up in the Armory app.  This have led me to see just how many left shark and cinder pup that I have.  Perhaps I should dump them as they literally have almost no worth.

Well, I should be ready to do Molten Core and other instances for illusions.

114/77/58 85 226.6lb

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