Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 2180 - Legion Pre-Patch Day 21

I figure out the way of cutting down the amount of time farming the instance for the Scarlet Tabard to buy the Ensemble: Chain of the Scarlet Crusade.  I'm about 40 runs in and still no drop.

Blackhand also refuse to drop Illusion: Mark of Blackhand with the 3 toons that I send through (Monk, Druid, Hunter).  I think I got 2 more weeks of this.

On a happier note, the night closes out when I finish the last 2 trainers for An Awfully Big Adventure achievement. that awards me the battle pet Trunks.  Before going to sleep, I power grind the pet with Draenor pet trainers to get it to level 25.

126/81/54 104 mg/DL 224.2lb

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