Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 2223 - Legion Day 23

Our guild's first raid in Legion went well enough.  It's only normal and we got 33 people showing up for 30 spots in the raid.  The raid, The Emerald Nightmare is a multiple choice zone which has 1 gatekeeper boss Nythendra.  It's more or less a ready check entrance boss.  We down it and I got a nice Titanforged iLevel 870 bracer.  I forgot to go pickup the bonus loot coins before the raid started, and I really should add that NPC to the ignore list for the future references.  I wouldn't want to spend Order Hall resources for those for now.

We did 6 out of 8 bosses, and have the final 2 boss for the next day.  I got another upgrade from the spider/harpy boss.

125/83/57 87 mg/DL 220.8lb

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