Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 2227 - Legion Day 27

I spend most of the day running the rest of my level 101 characters through their Order Hall level 101 quests, which award their first 2 Champions and enough Artifact Power to get their second Artifact trait.  I also belated join the heroic run, after they've down the spider/bird boss.  We spend 1.5 hours working on the tree boss.  We should have better run next week.  Just prior to going into the Heroic raid, I placed a bid on Nat's Fishing Chair.  I'm not going to be exalted with Nat anytime soon, so the price is fine with me.

I also try to run my Death Knight through as much of Suramar quest line as I can and upgrade her gears.

119/80/70 82 mg/DL 218.8lb

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