Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 2387 - Legion Day 187

We spend over 3/4 of the raid night working on a boss we've previously down, Tichondrius.  Naturally, I lost out on the token roll and bonus roll yields nothing.  We had far less time doing the penultimate boss of the raid, Elisande.  Surprisingly enough, we managed to down her on the last pull of the night.  And with that kill, my paladin fulfilled the weekly Nighthold bonus loot requirement.  I got the Tichondrius cloak that I currently cannot use due to the tier bonus requirement.   Oh well, there's next week.

Afterward, I went ahead and crank out 5 Timewalk dungeon on my Demon Hunter, this time as a tank.  It went as well as I can hope for.  The loot off the event's bonus box is actually a warforged cloak from Elisande, and I cannot use it yet due to tier bonus again.

120/69/60 85 mg/DL 224lb

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