Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 2398 - Legion Day 198

Today is Rogue, Druid and Shadow Priest's turn at LFR.  Since all of my characters are low on Order Hall resources, I opted to queue as my natural spec.

The rogue got the tier head piece from another rogue that didn't needed.  In order for me to get that, I had to quit out of my existing queue, which gives me time to do the World Quest that rewarded an upgraded chest piece.  So she's now at 2 piece tier bonus.

The druid got an upraded wrist piece and the tier leg piece, giving her 4 piece bonus.  Not too bad of a run.

Finally, finishing up the rest of the LFR instances the shadow priest haven't run, I queue up for them.  Nothing other than the artifact power tokens.  Since she just started her Order Hall level 5 upgrade and need 15 thousand Order Hall Resources to get the next upgrade, I decided to close out the night by doing Emissary Quests with emphasis on the World Quest that rewards resources.  On the last Emissary quest box, I got  this Shadow Priest bracer.  Oh well, in 11 days I should be able to use that.

121/82/56 94 mg/DL 227lb

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