Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 2393 - Legion Day 193

The God of RNG is not with me tonight until I ran my warrior to face the weekly world boss.  We did our usual 2 normal bosses and then the heroic.  The normal bosses I brought my Death Knight who got one belt off Gul'dan.  Perhaps I can use it.

On Heroic Nighthold, we got through most of the farmed content, albeit, the going was a bit rough.  I lost the roll on everything I rolled for and the bonus roll also was against me.  After that I ran in someone else's Maw of Soul for some quickie Mythic +11.  The weekly cache got me nothing useful.

And finally I send my toons to face World Boss of the week.  I managed to send 3.  On the last one, my warrior scored Sephuz's Secret, a ring I have on 2 other characters.  It's a good thing that my warrior's order hall upgrade is complete so I'm now wearing two Legendary rings.

116/77/60 83 mg/DL 224.8lb

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