Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 241 - Dark Phoenix

Instead of Dark Phoenix, Only the Glow Effect.

Yesterday, I got my main character Dianora exalted with the guild via daily quest (and doing ALL of the quests in the expansion).  Thus with some money mailed from my other characters, I bought the Dark Phoenix Mount from the guild vendor in Stormwind.  I already own and fly the Phoenix mount from Tempest Keep raid instance, so this is a bit of a difference.  It is also currently bugged, since the feature itself is mostly invisible.  I'll live with that.

Tomorrow's measurement will be interesting, since I didn't get a whole lot of chances to eat right this morning (running out of the house to answer on-call issue, eating Burger King breakfast).

112/66/51 211.8lb 94 mg/DL

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