Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 256 - Grinding Tol Barad

After getting my main character Dianora exalted with Tol Barad Faction, I came to this realization, getting exalted is ridiculously easy.  However, getting the actual items I want (2 mount and a companion pet, and 1 trinket) will be long and hard grind.  Good thing I have many many alts that also need the same thing.  Unfortunately for me, half of the daily quest won't necessary be up when I'm doing them on the characters while waiting for the daily heroic dungeon queue.  On that matter, I'm almost done with the reputation grind for most of my character (with the exception of Ogiue, but that can be done rather quickly since I'm mainly tanking with that toon.

118/78/75 208lb 92 mg/DL

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