Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 252 - Tax Day 2011

I filed my tax 2 weeks ago. Despite electronically posting the Federal return on a Saturday, IRS took my money on Monday promptly. Guess they're at least good about doing something? I'm NOT counting on getting my State refund anytime soon with the way the financial situation of the state government is going.

At least this year (like last year), Turbo Tax isn't advising me to do pre-payment. I actually owed money this year at the filing time, which is actually better than to be getting a tax refund. Tax refund simply means the tax preparation was wrong, and I over paid the tax.

I was a bit late in getting to work, and during my week of absence from the office, I messed up the count, and I didn't have any lunch left. Well, as I've always said, I won't starve.

105/69/65 207.6lb 97 mg/DL

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