Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 348 - Running Against Clock

Since I'm set to watch Captain America film today, going to Rose Hills yesterday is out of the question.  Unfortunately for me, Rose Hills closes at 5PM promptly.  Adding, further delay, I decided to take 134 -> 210 -> 605 route instead of the usual 134 -> 5 -> 60.  This is because when I left office at 3:30PM, I knew I probably didn't have time to go to Costco to pick up the flower.  Unfortunately, I learn only today that 210 east bound on Friday afternoon is a route best to be avoid.  Thus, it was with great effort that I arrived at Rose Hills Cemetery at 4:50 PM, barely enough time to buy the flower and set it at my mother's urn.

I decided to go to Noodle King and eat some fried stinky tofu.  Of course, I have another clock to beat.  I have company work scheduled to start at 7PM.  This I was barely able to accomplish, with Dodgers game starting, and all of my possible route going near the stadium.

Other than showing up at the theater 30 minutes prior to the showing, I did nothing today that requires clock.

115/75/59 188.8lb 94 mg/DL

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