Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 344 - Typical Day Meals

Here's what I typically eat throughout a work day:

Breakfast: 3 eggs over easy with dash of Tabasco sauce.  8oz 1% milk microwaved with 2tp of dietary fiber & other supplement.
Snack: Laughing Cow light cheese 50 calories 5g of protein (or one box of spicy seaweed).
Lunch: Steamed microwave meal.  260-330 calories.  One cup of coffee with dietary fiber.
Snack: Pacific Gold Beef Jerky 90 calories, 14g protein.
Dinner: At least 15g of protein.  8oz 1% milk microwaved with 2tp of dietary fiber.
Snack: 100 calories ice cream bar.

And a lot of decaffeinated coffee.  I'm not sure just what the calorie count of that is.  I don't always eat that list of food. 

114/75/74 189.6lb 90 mg/DL

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