Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 469 - 2° Incline on Treadmill

I've mentioned before that I have limited amount of time per day for exercise. I've found that doing it in the morning solves most of the problem in terms of scheduling. This also means that I really have to try to squeeze in all of my morning activities before heading out to work.

The first rule for me in terms of exercise is not to get hurt. Above all else, if I'm injured, I will not be exercising. Thus, it's with some difficulty that I try to find newer challenge as I hit new plateau. Previously on treadmill I've extended the time, ramp up the speed. At 4MPH and 45 minutes, I think I'm at my limit in so far as my knees will bear.

I've tried adding additional incline before with limited success, with me always reverting to lower intensity as not to break my fist rule. In recent days, I make another try, with the first couple of days, mixing in different incline for 5 to 10 minutes stretch, and in the last couple of days, the entire 45 minutes. Thus far, my knees, which has been my limiting factor is holding up. Perhaps this is he new challenge I can actually use.

118/79/56 168.2lb 72 mg/DL

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