Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 680 - Another Episode of Hypoglycemia

Very odd.  Tonight as I lay down about to go to sleep, I noticed that I'm experiencing another episode of hypoglycemia.  Usually this is triggered by me eating too much food or sweet.  But in this particular case, I haven't ate anything in 2 hours.  I did eat the bambo leave wrappped sticky rice, which is very high in glycemic index.  Still, the crash, if it's triggered by that should've come earlier.  In any event, I went down to the computer room, draw blood (57 mg/DL, very low by my standard).  And I ate a Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bar (100 calories).  That seem to stabilize my blood sugar.

117/75/55 167.2lb 79 mg/DL

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